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It’s your time now people, you stupid

Yeah. People in the United States. This time I am pitching you. I am writing now, 4:18 am my local time, because what your president did triggers my insomnia. And, I am writing to whoever you are, who care enough to read this piece, to act, to do something.

One of my twitter friends did say, your president is not a stupid. It’s just the stupidity of those who support him as president, of the most powerful country in the world since Roman Empire, economically, culturally, politically and military. Yeah, some of you were stupid enough to even think of a man, who did not stop saying aloud his barefaced and loathsome ideas of how such a powerful country should be run. Yeah, some of you were stupid enough to think he was but trying to make a soundbite, and everything would be normal after he catapulted himself into White House. This piece is pitching you.  For those who have been wholeheartedly supported his evil project, I am not going to write anything to them, as I think they are beyond my capacity.

For those of you who were stupid enough to think he was just all talk, he was just foul playing in his mouth, and hands, only, it doesn’t take him a month to prove to you, in your face, that you are wrong and a complete stupid. From his selection of advisors, even to ministers, even to his barrage of Executive Orders, he shows he is a consistent villain. Who says what he believes in, and believes in what he says, and acts on his belief. And, for those of you who have been proven all wrong, completely wrong, what would you do? And what should you do?

I am Chinese, and I am going to tell you a Chinese story, Mr. Chow annihilated three evils. Mr. Chow was one of the strongest and powerful people in China. And he was a villain as well. So people under his tyranny live like hell.  One day he asked one of the people, ‘why are you unhappy?’ That one responded, ‘because we’ve been living in pain, like hell, all of us, under the threat of three evils in the world.’ Mr. Chow asked further, ‘why didn’t you do something?’ He responded, ‘because they are too powerful.’ This reply tickled Mr. Chow’s pride and pomposity. ‘No one claims being powerful in front of me. Who are they, what are they. So I can annihilate them, in one go.’ The man, even more scared, told him the truth but partly, or your president’s advisor’s word, ‘alternatively’, ‘the first one is a dragon. The second one is a monster in the river. The third one I don’t know.’ Mr. Chow went killing the dragon and the river monster right away, and then kept on asking people who the third evil is, and no one tells him that fact. Suddenly, he knew the answer. Then he made amends, and righted his wrongs. And there was no more evil. And people lived happily ever after.

I told you this story not because I think your president can right his wrong and make amends. It would be so inconsistent with him as a carnage. I told you this story because, in China, we people are powerless. All we can do, so far, is creating such a stupid story like a fucking wanker. To tell ourselves, if only the most powerful villain would have some idea about what went wrong, and then made a bit adjustment to make our lives a bit less bitter. If he could help annihilate the second and third scumbags, it would be an extra. This is our situation, our context, because we people in China have no power against such a villain.

But you stupid. You are different. If anything, you people in the United States of America, one of the orthodox heirs of Greek and Roman democracy, are also one of the most powerful citizens of the world. Not because you have vote for your councils, house, congress and the Head of State in the White House. An ordinary Russian citizen also has vote for his/her local council, state duma and the Head of State in Kremlin. A vote makes no difference. Can’t differentiate you, the most dignified son/daughter of the globe, from other people like me living like hell in Hong Kong. I also have vote. In foreseeable future, I can also have vote for the Head of State of my city. But it makes no difference. I would still not be the most powerful citizen in this world. And what’s the difference? What’s that border between me and billions of us, and you?

If you, you, think that your rights, your democracy, stops here at the ballot box, and the one whom you chose can do whatever he believes without check, without conscience, without punishment, then you, you, would be even more stupid than I thought at the start of this writing. Your rights, your Constitution, your law, your society, your journalism, your mobilisation, your  technology, your placates, your freedom, most of all your ancestors and history, all allow you, you, and only you, to stand up against any tyranny and illegality, any time you see a problem in your government, both pre- and post-election. You can still say no to your president, and even rip him of his power, if he has done something wrong, something against the Constitution. Your Constitution, which made you even more powerful than the president of the most powerful country in this world. After all, what is democracy. Democracy doesn’t start with election, and never stops there.  Nor is Democracy a mechanism which allows anyone to get a mandate through election to do whatever he wants to do. Democracy is never just about election. Democracy is never for any idiot who gets votes to act on his own. The beauty of Democracy is not that anyone can rule only if he gets the vote with whatever means. Democracy starts with debate, arguments and justifications. Democracy starts with a question, why. Why do you want to do that? Is what you want agreeable to most of us? If not, why do you think what you want is better than what we want? If you can’t justify your want, just stop. We have absolute power to stop you do your stupid thing without accepted justification. This is true Democracy.  Its beauty is that the one whom I select is always accountable to me during his mandate.  If you forget about this, and be so stupid to think your job finishes after queuing for the ballot box in your community centre, now sitting in your couch watching your telly, and think you cannot do nothing for at least a year without election, sitting cozy on the sideline because you think after election you should be on the sideline, doing nothing but remorse what you chose, you are giving your Democracy the most blatant insult. Because you think your Democracy is no different from Syrian democracy, Russian democracy, Hong Kong democracy, Singaporean democracy, China democracy.

No, you should not stop here. I implore you to act. to stand up. If you do not do so, even as people in Gambia, Brazil, South Korea have done this year, you are insulting your name, as the most powerful citizen in the world, the most powerful men and women in the world, who can fight against any tyranny, even the one you have chosen, if you sense the evil in it. It’s your duty now. You stupid.


曾經…..我再一次重申, 我是一個高登毒撚. 高登毒撚其中一個特色是…..TVB Hater. 只要是無線就會誓不兩立. 儘管經常推呢套嗰套無線劇到完場被列作例外.

其中包括一套叫愛.回家的8點到8點半的黃金時檔節目. 套劇基本上是圍住一家姓馬的爺爺爸爸媽媽拉姑兒孫的送事而拍的所謂處境式喜劇. 本人因為成績當年不夠好的關係進不了傳理系, 亦不敢在老豆老母供應期間扭屎忽高叫我要實現夢想而到演藝學院讀戲劇 (否則變了黃祖男的同期同學), 所以有些很高深的詞語我不太懂的. 如: 明明種種劇種以至故事都有情境處境(context)而偏偏只有那種硬硬膠膠的家庭劇叫處境式喜劇呢?

Anyway. 愛.回家就是所謂的處境式喜劇. 高峰時期, 那套膠劇是無線7-9pm的強檔期最高收視的劇集. 所以可以拍足三百集才收皮. 中間仲捧紅了一些人, 如馬家妹. (有個網友話好好J的. 那是他閣下的事. 與我無關. 我只喜歡靚女, 而她不是就是了). 但作為高登仔的當時…..I hate it.

可惜的是, 愛. 回家都今天都找不到類似的代替品. 包括愛.回家的第二版. a flop. 八時入席. not a flop but you know it never lasts long. And it didn’t. 現在做緊的那一套更是慘不忍睹. 真是連外母都話ON9你話你死唔死.

最緊看Blackish第一季. 好像是很輕鬆的探討美國黑人家庭的問題. 好像是在交代 We are called African American but we don’t know nothing about Africa. 但外人如我這香港人, 撇開那麼嚴格的政治議題, 它只是一套鏡頭和配樂都好D的愛.回家. 只是D仔女真是十幾至六七歲. 而爺爺變成Matrix 問人要紅色葯丸定藍色葯丸而不再斬叉燒而已. 而….可能人年紀真是大了. 咁硬膠的劇都覺得很開心. 還令我想起, 其實只要計計筆直的差距, 其實…愛.回家都OK AR…..

當然….愛. 回家沒有資格跟Emmy Awards的劇相題並論. 但….無線, 你都是愛. 回家罷了…..

因緣際會, 要回新亞書院上課幾日, 碰巧路過新亞書院的新傳系學院. 我中學時第一個參觀的學院, 亦是知道你好想去而去不到的學院. 那天看見等上堂的新傳學生, 遙遠的自言自語一句:


Automatic, unthinking opposition is bad

The Story's Story

Elon Musk actually believes Rex Tillerson could be an ‘excellent’ Secretary of State" strikes a skeptical tone about Tillerson, but so far I haven’t seen a strong explanation about why he wouldn’t be. There is much to dislike and fear about Trump—I in particular worry about the way he raises the risks of global nuclear war—but it is unwise to automatically oppose anyone he proposes for his Cabinet or anything he does.

It is also not impossible that Trump will appoint a good FDA commissioner. It is possible that House Republicans will reform Social Security, which is an unmitigated good for anyone under the age of 40 or so (barring a sudden, unexpected takeoff in growth, the Social Security and Medicare edifices will not provide anything like current benefits when people my age are the age of current recipients; workers my age are paying taxes…

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If I had one word for you


OK. I am fine with that. I have done that for nearly 3 years, and I am still here. 雖然呢種與世界隔離的態度,原來會反映在工作時與人接物的反應上。有人被大老闆捉入房苦口婆心,又話看見我眼神已經無晒火,對世界失去passion云云,叫我要重新振作。但⋯⋯

I am still here.

唔好講呢啲。擦邊球擦了三個多月,今天來一口點直的。某程度上,我是知本地和世界發生甚麼事的。特首選舉嘛。特朗普就職嘛。英國May姐決定hard on嘛。梁振英家庭理由退出今屆選舉嘛。John Tsang to run嘛。林鄭嘛。葉瘤公開了幫西環含吹奶啜後個客射到一面都係然後一腳踢佢出房嘛。我知的。只是,我找不到應該說什麼話。有人在facebook twitter 等社交網站笑談覺得Johnny PR得體,親和,消氣。帶給人團結、希望。有人在同一樣的平台笑那些笑談的人真正港豬、斯德哥爾摩,被人強姦得多,細力啲就覺得人生多了點希望。更有說真民主的距離一點都沒有近過開舍個心。我覺得兩面都有道理。有人話John Tsang其實曾經講過38萬個月叫中產條氣好唔順。仲係頂住。他又有道理。但撇除這些,也得讚他事前的準備功夫做得相當好。我還在猜想誰是軍師。早在幾個月前親民到在高登腦場打卡買Hard Disk。我一個月五皮那般卑微,都不會去高登買Hard Disk。一個38萬一個月竟然勞司動眾到深水埗買Hard Disk,還擺出一臉鬆容。還未計得閒落葯支持香港足球隊。在經合會議現場打叫勁抽。廣東人有句,叫老狐狸。就係呢啲。但能每每把握最好的時機,做到落葯的效果,比之姓葉的天天擺出葉準的備戰狀態,開口每句夾著痢,真是高手很多很多倍。兩三年前被問會否角逐,還說只想做到退休,笑裡藏刀,後發先至。這是金庸筆下頂級高手的劍術。假得嚟我都甘拜下風。但我依然找不到合適的話說。

又撇除真民主與否,斯德哥爾摩與否,我經常在問。你有甚麼能耐可以叫香港人團結,不考慮移民?現在外面立立亂,都然留港是公廁這麼多格最可去的一格吧。但就憑你一個特首,以我們香港人見過歷年來這麼多風浪,失望,挫折,鬥爭,起錙,迎難而上,DQ,Shout at them,你有什麼能耐,可以對這種中港對敵來個改變,even 微調呢?難道你有能力唔DQ?你有能力唔執行基本法23條?你有能力不以玩殘香港殘餘民主勢力為任?大陸要來港捉個季明海,砍個劉進圖,執個D100,你又有權阻頭阻勢嗎?我嘗試再概括一點。在如日中天的中共極權下,要以你為首的香港政府去對香港作進一步的高壓,就憑你一句團結休養生息就能抗衡嗎?你當你自己是誰?看得自己那麼高?

但以上的事,香港總算能夠頂住。每次都就只要多加一絲壓力就會崩潰,都總算頂住。至少,梁振英的高壓下,每個持反對聲音的人都度日如年,但就這樣捱下捱下又捱五年,還可以捱到佢收皮。那是誰的力量?這三個月總不是甚麼都沒有看的。如Albert Woodfox被獨自囚禁達四十年的故事; 又如 Shepard Fairey ‘We the People’ 籌期籌夠上頭版的故事 ; 又如美國捍衛女性權益的組織號召空前的就職當日的示威的故事。然後我又回想,香港一班搞社會運動的人,不誰黨派,不論組織有多鳩屎,不論日日吵吵嚷嚷,烏合之眾,但總算在這五年間組織回歸以來最頻密及具威脅的反合作姿勢。不知是否運動。但可叫姿勢。總之,到梁振英自我收皮之際。they are still there。覺得他們幾膠都好,都要講句,要不是大家,香港早就完蛋了。多謝。那我想到,對未來的任何一個領袖的一句話:

Let’s see who stay here longer。中文好一點:又睇下今次邊個收皮先?