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Old Movie is so 唔撚識串

8 days a week movie的圖片搜尋結果

Can’t say much about this movie because (1) I don’t know much about movie; (2) I don’t know much about music; (3) I don’t know much about Beatles; and (4) I don’t want to see one day on Twitter some idiots who know a lot about the above share my article for pejorative and sadistically cynical purposes. Like they did to my friend’s article on Medium.  Which I hate most about that space. It’s another kind of censorship.  Like school bullying smugs who mug someone and goes, “We have every right to do that to you idiot just because you are an idiot, y’know!!!! This is a fucking free country!!!" I hate that. I really hate that. So I also always say I don’t know. I just say something because I want to say what I like. Not because I know anything about it.

Just one thing. I used to read a lot of comments like “Paul McCartney is the brain of Beatles. John Lennon is the soul of Beatles. George Harrison is the heart of Beatles. Ringo Starr is ….. a drum." in discussion group like 高登

The only feeling I got from this documentary is so contrary to what they said above.  Rather, most of the songs Beatles made would have been pretty bland and mediocre if the drum were some ordinary drum rather than Ringo Starr.


That’s how good Ringo is.

What I learn from most of the music band is that. A drum is not a brain, a soul, a heart of anything. A band is like a racing car model. Drum is the engine in it.  You never see an engine except you are those engineer geeks. But how good, how powerful, how geniusly built an engine is determines how good your racing car is.  You can either be Ferrari F90, McClaren, or down to Ford Fiesta. It’s all about the engine.




I’m not a Racist


Just fuck off, man. It’s hardly for you Chinese

Kendrick Lamar’s damned been presented with something definitely for hip hop, a Pulitzer’s for music.

Great. But it’s definitely not for me to talk about. I ain’t know nothing about. It’s not for me for sure.

But it recalls my memory of a rapper, mc Jin, and how he was treated or insulted by a bunch of pop star shit, so called judge.

Now share a song of his latest album. And for those shit. If you can’t hear English, it means you can just fuck off. Hip hop is not for u man.

Stupid Hall of Fame


No offence (actually I mean to offend somebody), if Bon Jovi can be inducted to Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Hall of Fame means literally nothing. Rock n Roll means nothing. Just bomb the shit out that motherfucker.

You know why Mark snubbed it. It’s meaningless.

A further footnote


Nothing to add, except further elaborate on the reporter’s second, how rare Creep’s and Creepy Del Rey song’s chord progression are.

Most of the pop songs are pretty comfortable with a chord progression of C – F – G – C, or

1 – 4 – 5 – 1 (for making allowance for song-writers to tune of key to suit the singers’ pitch range). It’s because it’s been tested, and tested again, from Baroque music to 21st shit rogue poppy songs, the chord progression most listeners  feel most comfortable. Comfortably nothing, in the sense that ones really feel nothing. Comfortably numb. Staying cuddly cozy within one’s audio comfort zone, with a slice of stimulation.  So common listeners can stay day and night listening the same progression again, again, and again, repeat, and back to the same fucking loop.



However the fuck the song is annoying to me, it’s been tested and tested again the killer chord progression to shoot any shit to superstardom. Litterally, it works.

The so-called common pop songs the reporter quoted in the article, therefore, are already less common. G – D – Em – C. It means a chord progression of 1 – 5 – b6 – 4.

Em composed of E – G – B. The B note stands out in the whole progression, which then leads to C. A textbook case of voice leading. It’s still common. But it’s already a bit complicated that differentiates the song(s) over millions of shit I have just mentioned above.

Creep’s chord progression: G-B-C-Cm. Or 1 – 3 – 4 – 4min.  It’s a chord progression that most song-writers don’t even think of trying, because, mathamatically, or musically, it’s the dumbest, and dullest, chord progression we can ever think of.  [G,B,D] to [B,Eb,G] to [C,E,G] to [C,Eb,G]. The only note change is D then Eb then E then back to Eb. It will make the song sound very flat. Lack of change. Get listeners into boredom and lethargy. Like taking weed.  But such effect suited exceptionally well the lyric that described a dull and dumb, a bit self-destructing, sociopath (i.e. Thom Yorke) feeling bad trying to fit in a “normal" world.  That resonated, and keeps resonating, with generation and generation of weirdos (like me? I don’t know), to make it a national anthem for the Republic of misanthropia. (sing it with heart, with arms keep straight pointing to the sky, or your country will fucking lock you up).

So, to Lana Del Rey, is this:

The first one who chose such dull chord progression to make a song, he was either a dumbarse, or fucking genius, or both. The second one who chose exactly the same dull chord progression to make a song? you are fucking copier. Don’t say you are unintentional, girl. You know some music. So you know what you are doing.


Halfway through Twin Peak Which Takes 120% Tenacity to Keep Myself Watching

Nothing to add. I told what I wanted to tell about the drama series in title already.

I used to write a lot of things about the book I was reading; about the movie I watched; about the newspaper/magazine articles I was reading, or thinking; a sitcom I was watching. I wrote as though I know a lot of things. Pompous, absolute like those nerdies who imagine themselves among the elite, among the intellectual people. Stupid eh? Yeah, used to be one of those nerdies.

But I realize I’m not a nerdy. Or, put it this way: I can’t excel and exalt myself even among the nerdies.  An aboslute failure! So, I hate to be that person, or persona. If I have to be an ordinary man, I’d rather being an ordinary man in the universe of ordinary men, rather than being an ordinary man in the universe of outcast. Like a pity guy being ostracised by those already been ostracised!

As an ordinary man in the ordinary universe, I say nothing. I just say I don’t know what I was watching. But I have paid (for USD50) so I will keep on watching.

The only things I crave for every episode I watched, were the ending songs. They’ve been very good as long as I have watched (i.e. halfway). This is one of those:









所以我從來都說,我不夠喜歡音樂。我真的認為甚麼旋律、base track甚麼的全不重要。音樂沒有世界大同,只有有你冇我。rule of thumb 1:你老豆老母鍾意乜音樂,絕對唔可以鍾意。rule of thumb 2:甚麼最經典金曲,絕對不可鍾意,即使是Dolores O’Riordan (所以我真係一聲都唔出)。rule of thumb 3:milk雜誌話最正唱片,絕對唔可以鍾意,多少張推介的頂級大碟,全部拿筆mark彽,唾棄之,搞掂。rule of thumb 4:人人都話難聽的,即使真的是張如城和軟雪糕,偏偏嘗試去鍾意;人人都話好感動的,絕對不能去碰。那個人自然型到不得了。音樂﹐不是為了享受。相反,聽音樂就是不可以享受。那才可以always wee bit different, always wee bit defiant, always inch away from your comfort zone, to make it sound bad, to make it sound better.





P.S. 但正如我上面講,千萬不要聽人給你的推介,一推介了就不型吧。很矛盾。很1999吧。yes. Because it is.

P.P.S. I love YaKeala so much…




最近,我在BBC IPlayer download了一個名為Arena 的節目。Arena算是一些雜炒節目,而鬆散地叫跟表演事業有關。而最近又一連看了入面一連四集名為American Epic的Series。

好久之前,即最少五年前,我試過因為自己的結他裸足不前–其實到今天都有這種感覺 –而經中學同學介紹跟一個真是有制作的結他手傾談。當他問我我覺得我的問題是什麼,我話我每次出去都Jam唔到野,即使在屋企猛練都冇用。他又問:「你練乜呢咁?」我類似講我練我(當時)認為最勁的Blues Player Stevie Ray Vaughn。那為有點囂的結他手就帶點譏諷的回應:「咁你知道SRV的藍調音樂是那一門的藍調呢?美國有咁多門藍調。」我當然不知。高人對本人的診症有2: 1. 我聽得太少。我的音樂裡沒有營養,亦欠缺歷史。2. 我不要發夢,結他用我的方法去練,即使學100年都不會變另一個SRV,倒不如踏實一點,從學理拍子重新來過。

很殘酷的診,但很受用的道理。否則我不會真的找老師又學理開始一點一滴的重新學,即使得到的結果都不是好很多,最多只是 –不要發夢,幾廿歳人不要掂馬列,更不應掂結他,因為已經太遲,再學也不會有太多成就,又天份有限,自己中午食飯柄埋走火梯自己同自己玩算鳩數。Yeah

至於音樂的營養、歷史,剛才介紹的一連四集American Epic,就是講美國現代流行音樂的源頭。Appalachian Folk、Memphis Jug Band及其後的演替所產生的黑人音樂、Church Gospel Music、夏威夷音樂、Mississippi Folk 及 法語區的 Cajun Music、麥西哥的拉丁民歌。之後我們熟悉,或聽過的美國音樂,包括Bob Dylan 的 Folk Rock,James Brown的Funk,Elvis Presley 的 Rock n Roll,Blues 的 Three Kings 及 其繼承者 (其中一支就是SRV) 就是這樣來的。而這些音樂能流傳,承傳,全因1920年代一個今天我們叫的音樂監制,決定帶著一部當時極為先進前衛的錄音儀器,走訪美國大江南北,並以Americans’ Got Talent的方法號召各地有心而又有技術的人來表演及錄音,變成唱片,再以留聲機在美國當時一些較富裕的家庭播放。

到了第四集,制作團隊真的痴線到用一年時間Research及重做那部已經失傳的錄音系統,再號召上面那些美國現代音樂始祖的後人來錄音。真是利害。簡單講,那部機器就是放一張碟放上去,刻針透過電流電阻原理讀取Studio另一邊的收音咪的聲音(房入面所有的聲音,所以錄音時要完全靜止,除你想表演的音樂內),而刻上那張碟上。而刻針錄音時限由一個100多磅的石頭由懸空到著地之間的速度控制,最多四分鐘。就在這四分鐘,要1 take 過把想要的音樂完美完成,冇cut,冇overdup,冇唔入咪加多條track amplify。1 take過表演者到錄音師在那3分鐘不能絲毫出錯,否則張碟打柴,又放另一張重新錄過。所以有份參與project 的 Jack White講,那樣使錄音室變回聖殿,人人都要充份準備,用最尊敬的態度把最完美呈獻。

以前,我跟好多學結他的人一樣,心中有一個結他之神做目標,黃家駒、黃貫中、Sugizo,Hide,Eric Clapton,Mark Knofler、Jimmi Hendrix、SRV、Joe Bonamassa、。。。。看這個節目裡不同的表演單位,就學懂,沒有所謂的音樂之神,我們可以說能夠把一只音樂在這1 take過不能犯錯的3分鐘完美的表演出來的,就是神。即人人可以是神。我們亦可以講,冇人可以是神。音樂就是最個世界其中一個神,他掌管聲音、靜止及時間。我們都要在這個他給予的三分鐘下,把所有能奉獻的都奉上,來成全他。



What is POP

今朝看了這個節目一半. 還未看完下半.


其實上一個故事我最想探討的是, 音樂我其實是怎樣看待的. 而社會又怎樣看待的. 而POP MUSIC以至POP CULTURE我是怎樣看待的. 其他人又怎樣看待的.

這節目沒有令我失望, 亦乎合預期. 一個研究果蠅的King’s College Bio教授. 開宗明義講明自己並不喜歡音樂, 所以最有資格研究音樂. 而他這個project只集中研究他有興趣的hypothesis: 流行音樂是否跟生物一樣, 進化, 汰弱留強.

我相信比我有資格研究音樂. 雖然我都不是太喜歡音樂.

那位BIO教授做了我沒有資源做的事: 1. 請幾個頂尖的PHD及POST DOC, 去把1950年代開始到今日的英美POP MUSIC, 排過上BILLBOARD的全拿出來, 打散它他的數據, 節奏, 聲的強弱, 節拍, 用的調, 等等, 全化成數據, 再用電腦做data mining, 看看能否看到音樂革新的指標, 及演替.

2. 把以上的數據, generate一些當今及過往紅透半邊天的音樂的特性, 再用一班職業音樂人, 嘗試做一隻必紅的流行音樂出來, 看看會否紅.

要返工, 所以長的不談. 他用超級電腦研究得到一個阿媽是女人, 我在故事講過, 而你們死口不認的rules. The pop one is not the best music. The pop one is not the most revolutionized music genre. The pop one is average in every single aspect. The more the characteristics of a song tend to average, the more easily it pops out. In short, the mediocre always wins. Or…the best never tops. The shit one does, always.

做音樂嗰part仲搞笑. 一個好想紅的新人未簽女歌手做了一隻ballad出來. 教授就同監制及混音師講加入必紅元素. 例如隻歌明明深情, 要加重節拍. 有咁r&b得咁r&b, 仲要無里啦更加段rap…on9度混音師都笑. 但我一聽, 就聽得出那就是現在最紅的音樂, from Drake. 他的音樂正正就是咁…慢, 重拍, 無厘頭, 但好撚紅…

結論….我不太喜歡音樂….個個高舉我要音樂革命. 但人人心裡都知. 聽眾不需要革命. 他們需要垃圾…而且是大量…..



我有個好有雷好有霸氣的朋友, 曾眾目睽睽, 講句: 林夕的詞空洞堆砌.

Wow….. 呢D咪勁囉…..我就唔敢了.

但昨日行過街再聽到這隻歌. 回想曾經覺得世界第一的歌曲, 再細味歌詞, 我開始有點明白, 阿朋友其實是講緊乜野.

以前高登仔的日子, 好多高登仔的解詞專家都會拿林夕的詞來拆解, 好似達文西密碼咁為他的歌詞, 逐忽去解釋其實詞人想表達的意思. 但其實我地唔可以排除, 其實一首詞一首詩, 真是可以只為帶一個感覺砌下字啱音就算. 你問到詞人, 可能佢都講唔到是咩意思. 俗D叫鳩填. 文雅D可以叫賦詩強說愁, 反而賣到錢就是了.

富士山下, 正正就是呢種其實非常鬆散, 但冇特別意思, 最多只有一個苦字的虛實印象的描繪, 再湊一些時下時興的詞彙如試管. 再加D你覺得好有詩意其實無甚意思的儁語. 如前塵硬化像石頭….聽的人又怕話唔知佢UP乜被人笑, 硬要講D意思出來, 附庸風雅/化就在城裡產生了.

唔岩我又試下用這種手法亂填D野出來, 看你們解碼的結果怎樣?


攔路有幾個阿媽 街口擺檔有花






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