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我的sony 新車落地

大概五六年前,我從網友手上以一個非常超值的價錢買了一部Pentaxa K20D的DSLR數碼相機。可算是自己買的第一部單鏡反光相機。當時跟老婆去了海洋公園試機。表示對相機的性能非常欣喜。又多野較又可換鏡頭又盛。而相片的質素,當時的我心信只要肯下苦功,會有很大的進步空間。

大概五六年後,我將會把這部沒有video拍攝功能,另置鏡頭又撚貴,個叉電座又神神地鬆鬆地的機送給另一個人,而自己買了非常輕便的sony RX100 III,又冇鏡頭換又唔係特別輕,但黑暗環境的拍攝質素卻是非常impressive。我又再次到海洋公園試機。今次我的心態轉了,再下苦功,進步都不會很大,還是求鳩期,加個lightroom plan,憑後天修補可以自我滿足罷了。



What are you fighting for

What sense can I make, of

What you’ve been doing, guys?

Trolling, yes trolling. But what are all those trolls about?

What have you been trolling for? Boys and girls

What are you fucking fighting for, fighters?

Every week, every day, you pick one thing out of nothing, someone in the most invisible corners, you would pick for something you find infuriating, a

Him, or her, just thing, just anything, to give you some meaning to live, which more often than not means nothing to you.

She means nothing to you man! You don’t fucking care one iota of what’s saying from her, or him, or any name you give.

Now, she becomes your gift, to your god. You say to yourselves, to the one next to you,

“It’s her turn now. It’s time."

You pick up your torch of burning flames, follow your herd, in the darkest dark, to

Fetch her, or him, or anything whose turn it is for your game, your fucking name shaming game.

Torch her, burn her, cremate her to ash, for the sake of her blame.

But what did she done man?

What’s her blame?

What you fucking fighting for?

For science, fuck that I haven’t known you of caring science so much! You don’t even tell prime numbers from others!

For children? For fuck sake I have known you for hating them! So much that you want them die in your front you hypocrite!

For mankind? Oh fuck me you do care your kind, your world you selfish mental. Being all but your generation is your mantle!

You fucking mental, picking anyone who make you mental.

One of a time, a sly, a slime, to suck it out your kind. She’s your kind. This time.

And feeling like in a group of self righteous caring group torching the unscientific,

But yesterday you hate someone scientific systematic. What are you? What have you? What are you possessed today.

To feel yourselves together to do something you feel meaningful. To give you s tiny tints of belonging well being

Being anything, rather than nothing,

Rather than accepting

What happens means nothing.

We are nothing

Meaningfully nothing