Shake it like a Polaroid picture…

Phil Kneen

instax_polaroid_portrait_band_musicI sent a batch of films off to be developed in Germany about three weeks ago – they were supposed to be developed and scanned, the negatives hermetically stored and the high-resolution files emailed back to me, all within 10 working days. This has not been the case. This isn’t the kind of tardy, lacklustre performance I’d expect from our super-efficient Euro-neighbours, but then I realised that half the population of Germany are here on the Isle of Man, watching the TT motorcycle races and pissing in shop doorways. The stench of urine I can tolerate – the shoddy service at this particular pro’ film lab, I can not. I have clients waiting.

So, this week my instant film fun continues with the Fuji Instax Wide 300. I’ve just realised that this camera has a very slow, fixed f14 lens – so I’m seeing the best results when using it…

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