A further footnote


Nothing to add, except further elaborate on the reporter’s second, how rare Creep’s and Creepy Del Rey song’s chord progression are.

Most of the pop songs are pretty comfortable with a chord progression of C – F – G – C, or

1 – 4 – 5 – 1 (for making allowance for song-writers to tune of key to suit the singers’ pitch range). It’s because it’s been tested, and tested again, from Baroque music to 21st shit rogue poppy songs, the chord progression most listeners  feel most comfortable. Comfortably nothing, in the sense that ones really feel nothing. Comfortably numb. Staying cuddly cozy within one’s audio comfort zone, with a slice of stimulation.  So common listeners can stay day and night listening the same progression again, again, and again, repeat, and back to the same fucking loop.



However the fuck the song is annoying to me, it’s been tested and tested again the killer chord progression to shoot any shit to superstardom. Litterally, it works.

The so-called common pop songs the reporter quoted in the article, therefore, are already less common. G – D – Em – C. It means a chord progression of 1 – 5 – b6 – 4.

Em composed of E – G – B. The B note stands out in the whole progression, which then leads to C. A textbook case of voice leading. It’s still common. But it’s already a bit complicated that differentiates the song(s) over millions of shit I have just mentioned above.

Creep’s chord progression: G-B-C-Cm. Or 1 – 3 – 4 – 4min.  It’s a chord progression that most song-writers don’t even think of trying, because, mathamatically, or musically, it’s the dumbest, and dullest, chord progression we can ever think of.  [G,B,D] to [B,Eb,G] to [C,E,G] to [C,Eb,G]. The only note change is D then Eb then E then back to Eb. It will make the song sound very flat. Lack of change. Get listeners into boredom and lethargy. Like taking weed.  But such effect suited exceptionally well the lyric that described a dull and dumb, a bit self-destructing, sociopath (i.e. Thom Yorke) feeling bad trying to fit in a “normal" world.  That resonated, and keeps resonating, with generation and generation of weirdos (like me? I don’t know), to make it a national anthem for the Republic of misanthropia. (sing it with heart, with arms keep straight pointing to the sky, or your country will fucking lock you up).

So, to Lana Del Rey, is this:

The first one who chose such dull chord progression to make a song, he was either a dumbarse, or fucking genius, or both. The second one who chose exactly the same dull chord progression to make a song? you are fucking copier. Don’t say you are unintentional, girl. You know some music. So you know what you are doing.



Let’s talk about…Hope

The story that really drags me to introspection and retrospection is this


Yeah, the only surviving Northern While Rhino I used to write about a couple of years ago finally stops his enduring and lonesome pain as the only male Rhino in the world.


He surely has had enough of this world.  A comic king living in his small kingdom with nothing but his daughter and grand daughter, guarded by a group of lovely vets and a few valiant warriors scantily armed with their AK47. Sounds like a tyrant facing the end of his reign (like Qaddafi, Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Mubarak, Robert Mugabee, the list goes on).  His rear legs are too weak to support his copulation.  So he couldn’t do nothing to please himself a bit, even he were a pedophile and incest pervert.  If you were him, you would probably, highly probably, say, “man, give me something so I can kill myself. I rather kill myself. Please."

Sorry for him, and the whole kingdom of Rhinos. If I am a conservationist. No, I am not. I used to be a bit lachrymose. Maybe a bit too lachrymose. Maybe I just pretend to be one to seek attention, or seek someone to talk to. But I really feel I have changed.

And, this morning I did watch the news, telling me we shouldn’t be too mournful about the last king of Scotland. The news told me something I didn’t used to know, that population of different species of Rhinos actually have increased for the last couple of years because of concrete action to stop poaching. Thanks to Greenpeace and other conservationist NGOs.

And the news I share tells that there is technique for  resurrecting this horny Jesus, if we really want to.  Better not to, if the resurrected horny Jesus knew we spend zillion of effort to make him live in a kingdom he can fuck no one but his senescent daughter, or granddaughter, or himself, he would definitely euthemise himself once again. “Oh my Father, why the fuck have you forsaken me."

Just kidding. Have some great news to tell my son, and daughter.  That, death is horrible. But there is something hopeful that we can still laugh out loud.

The Evil of Twitter

This is the extension of my last post (or last last post, anyway).  Ricky Gervais, it is the first time I saw his stand up.  I don’t know why I’ve been bombed with comedy shows and standups in my Netflix….I expected to have Netflix and Chill!!!! You know what chill is!!!!!! I supposedly got fed a lot of boobs!!!! Watching a lot of middle age men standing up doing fucking jokes definitely does count one.

Anyway….I love comedy show. Rick’s style did recall my first memory of watching Dayo Wong when I was very very young, in Asia TV, which already died. (A dead dog resurrected one day as a cat is not a resurrection! You know what I mean). Very dark and very funny. With a lot of explicit contents.  He spent nearly a quarter of his time telling my sickly Twitter interaction has been.  But it doesn’t mean we have to cut it off. Getting on MTR every day is sickening as well. You know what I mean.  Having had a world class funny man say “唔鍾意咪撚fo" verbatim in English was something, to me, a guy who are addicted to it for quite some time.

Hope anyone would enjoy.


PS. Netflix, if you do hear, please send me some boobs as well. I really love boobs. I do.

Children the world supports you.


I know second amendment. I know full well the mascot rifle argument is weak. I know full well second amendment means everyone in us can arm to protect yourself, to an extreme that it may imply equivalent arms to government, in your case implying a nuke bomb.

No one fucking care whether people can have nuke bombs or not. All we want is to support your March, for a real way of preventing the same news happening again and again.

The whole world supports you children

The Power of Twitter


It’s one of the heart bending, heart warmingly hilarious though, stories I read in this Magazine. First, I have to prostrate for the power Twitter got!!! converting a deadpan family grown Westboro follower, with knock-on domino effect on the family members around her, Phelps-Ropers’, the queen bee of the whole community!!!!!

Thine kingdom, Thine power, Thine glory, for ever, Amen!!!!!!

And the girl found true love through twitter conversation! And she even dreamed of the boy who may or may not exist!!!! And finally get together, like 張翠山 and 殷素素!!!!! What the Eff!!!!! A love story that starts well and ends well, through Twitter. The second case as far as I am concerned!!!!

Yeah….it’s fascinating to be there sometimes. That calls back my memory when I first set up an account there, meeting people there I felt so strange, and so wonderful, at the time. Surely there is something in it.  Its getting more toxic day by day cannot nullify my very memory about back then.

Abihbot – I used to long for being a kind of him, debating and discussing with the guys whose belief I cannot even understand, or can feel nothing but disdain, while keeping a courty friendship online. But I failed quite many times to do that. So I stop longing for it for so long. The reasons may be (1) I am not as knowledgeable as Abihbot; and (2) I am just as idiot as an average Twitizen in attitude and choice of words when I discuss with people. Surely I should have said a lot of things that hurt people there.

So I say, I hate you, but it’s fine coz I hate you as much as I hate myself. That can even count as love, if you know what I mean.

Still. I am not trying to be full of myself, that I can give you insights about what I learnt from the passage. I only share funny thing. And this article surely is one of a kind. I don’t pretend to know anything. Because I really don’t know.

The only last thing I want to say, don’t choose life that comes after, because we never be sure if there is one. Don’t choose life that came before, because it’s gone. Choose present. That is life, the only thing we’ve got. Viva la Gloria

It’s OK to share


I hope you don’t mind me sharing some news articles here. Like I used to. I always love to share news articles. Just don’t want to act like I’m showing off what I read. I just share, and share with you the honest me, the authentic me, that I know no more than you do. And I have not read enough. Not enough to say I am a well read person.


I lately have been catching up with the Pledge

It is a Skynews debate show every saturday. Guests more than not are bullshitting all the time.

But this one, so recently, was good.

If I have ever learnt anything for the last 2 years, it’s that arguments never win. They keep on. To let it keep on, we should find some way of engaging different views, rather than crushing one side to death, which is never possible.


Halfway through Twin Peak Which Takes 120% Tenacity to Keep Myself Watching

Nothing to add. I told what I wanted to tell about the drama series in title already.

I used to write a lot of things about the book I was reading; about the movie I watched; about the newspaper/magazine articles I was reading, or thinking; a sitcom I was watching. I wrote as though I know a lot of things. Pompous, absolute like those nerdies who imagine themselves among the elite, among the intellectual people. Stupid eh? Yeah, used to be one of those nerdies.

But I realize I’m not a nerdy. Or, put it this way: I can’t excel and exalt myself even among the nerdies.  An aboslute failure! So, I hate to be that person, or persona. If I have to be an ordinary man, I’d rather being an ordinary man in the universe of ordinary men, rather than being an ordinary man in the universe of outcast. Like a pity guy being ostracised by those already been ostracised!

As an ordinary man in the ordinary universe, I say nothing. I just say I don’t know what I was watching. But I have paid (for USD50) so I will keep on watching.

The only things I crave for every episode I watched, were the ending songs. They’ve been very good as long as I have watched (i.e. halfway). This is one of those: