Pissed off

Guess which tweet pissed me off the best / worst today?

A bit of supplementary. To me, reading tweets on Twitter always pisses me off. As it is what Twitter is made for after all.

The tweet is:….Let me describe. It was was a picture of Karl Marx posted. On top of it was a sentence, short as to comply with the 149 word limit of Twitter for each tweet, which went “Today is happy, as Karl Marx died today 1884. #SocialismSucks

What pisses me off is that, the one who wrote this tweet may not even realise that she/he is actually living in the benediction of some variants of Socialism, promoted foremost by Karl Marx and his (TRUE) disciples.  The one who wrote this tweet may still be living in his fantasy that he is living in Capitalism, where competition will do nothing but selecting the most competitive (richest) while killing the others (more than often like the one loser who wrote that tweet). A world the one should have died without a proper church for his last ceremony, with even a proper coffin or pit, not to mention a cremation, which cost a lot the one may not save enough to pay for it with his inheritance. A world the one should have died because he should be one of the 20% who lost the job for months because of Coronavirus pandemic without furlough unemployment benefit. A world where one is supposed to work and be factor of production, or die. There would be no purgatory middle ground called furlough. It’s definitely a blesphemy in Orthodox Capitalism. A model about fundamentally a dichotomy of cash or trash.

As an orthodox leftard myself for some years. I know more than you what a perilous state Communism can make. Tell you what. I was already 10 years old when the Eastern Curtain of Soviet Empire collapsed in 1989 – 92.  But it doesn’t mean socialism (Karl Marx actually promoted. Please go back and read Daz Kapital) sucks.  Or, put it other way. Socialism may suck. But the Democratic Capitalism in the western front didn’t win and stay on his intact footing because he adopts capitalism to his full potential. Rather ironically, he stands strong simply because he has adopted Socialist policies big and small since the end of the World War II!  Maybe even before that. In 1930s, F.D. Roosevelt initiated NEW DEAL, on the basis of the Second Bill of Rights, that every individual’s entitlement to a job and a shelter and a dignified life is basic human right. In 1945, the Marshall Plan –one of the most socialist policies ever in history that made Stalin’s 5-Year-Plan looks soft –a long term no (repeat, I am not wrong. NO. N.O. Not Low) interest loan package to the whole democratic world in the western Europe, involving hundred of millions of population at the sum comparable to the net worth of Jeff Bezos (at 2020 price level), just to build houses, government offices, railways, airports, roads, schools, hospitals, and parks. All the infrastructure which should be paid by private initiatives in Orthodox Capitalism.  To 2008 Bailout Plan, a massive nationalisation (yes. Simply nationalization) of failed private banks at another astronomical finaniation comparable to Jeff Bezos wealth, simply to keep those failed banks solvent to keep lending money to businesses. So that employees can get back to work, however measly their income has been since then.   They are, as your pundits told you, not socialism, not sucking, sexy but nothing sexual, simply because a different set of PR terms were used to package those policies. Nut and bolt. They are socialism. Yea. They suck.

The reference I am reading is talking about how grassroot movement in US recently is working for pressuring governments, and financiers in property market to think twice before rent hike, eviction, and foreclosure.  As it’s technically not the fault of the renters without jobs who cannot pay the rent due/on time. In British terms, a rent / mortgage holiday. The cannot pay their rent not because they are lazy. They are barred statutorily from work because of a virus!  It reminisces me of several years ago when my tweet infuriated one superstar financial pundit in Tweeter (then, as he seems to be put to notoriety for reason I know not).  My tweet was that home owners and those who speculate on properties pushing enthusiastically someone towards shelterless to make their worth/wealth.  He thought my logic sucks.  He thought shelterless is just an unfortunate result of market.  So those who honestly earn to pay for the ownership should not be blamed, At All.

Several years after. I still have no intention to take back my sucking logic. After all, speculation and rise in return of property ownership will never happen if enough houses are built for everyone.  People always quote exception like Singapore, which has stellar, jaw-dropping housing networth while everyone lives in a nice shelter.  COVID pokes this myth straight on (as one of the causes of also stellar infection rate and death rate of Singapore by COVID is the extremely horrid and overcrowded sardine-tin-style dorm for the migrant workers).  Hong Kong is not a bit better. We are what we are may simply be down to a bit of luck. That pundit, when being pissed off by me, might forget then the first lesson of economics –that excessive price (like Diamond) comes with Scarcity. I.e. Most of the people have not w/r/t the thing you have. I am leftard. so I do Dialectics.  I simply don’t care whether it is you home owners who delibrately push those paupers into homelessness. I don’t do cause and effect. It’s meaningless t/a/c/e.  I simply observed that your property rise skyhigh always side by side with someone living rough. And you are showing nothing to change that. I take it as you are happy with that.


Socialism, fundamentally is saying: don’t fuck with me folks. You can’t do economics as independent from other social phenomena. You are not Virgin Mary after all, got impregnated by that Invisible Hand (or penis). Economic activities are interdependent with the society and the political context. And everytime there’s someone/something called decision makers (State or Federal) who decide the winners, by showing their priority.  Saving western europe is a priority of Eisenhower. Saving the Dust Bowl is a priority of FDR. Saving AIG and Bank of America, but let Rehman Brothers die is a priority of Barry O.  Giving money to the employers to plead them not cutting jobs or laying off employees (without any contractual gurantee) is also, a priority, by Donald Trump, or Mnuchin, or Ris Sunak, or Boris Johnson, or Carrie Lam.

By showing your priority to help someone you think in need. Not letting them die. Is what socialism fundamentally is. Because you show mercy and believe they may die without it.

That sucks. But you have no other way. Do you?


Reference: Cancel the Rent, by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor




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