Kyoto – It’s High Time

When you are old enough, you get silly. So silly that you will cry even listening to the song by Kylie Minogue. Even her matesong which talked nothing about Asians of Australia, who are one of the most populated ethnic minority there. Even song by Kacey Musgraves.

When you are old enough, you will enjoy in a place even there is nothing in the place to enjoy. Even a place which ruined your plan of having experience of snow ever in your life time.  Even a place full of deer which are as aggressive as the monkeys in Hong Kong. Even a place with no vegetarian food at all except toast.

When you are old enough, you will enjoy silly things like you ran into a taxi in Kyoto whose local driver told you in Cantonese he loves Hong Kong. Like you found a bus back hotel all by yourself, in the dark, even at the same time you dropped and broke your camera. Even you were in Lego shop in Japan being overheard by a local shop keeper there when you told your kids in English Creator collection was too dull, who let you understand she understands, and invited you to Lego City collection section. Even you ran into a cafe who charged you 50 Yen more just for switching your latte to soy milk version. Even….. Kyoto is fun after all.


P.S. Later, my father-in-law (blue guy….not your guy. Not mine either) told us, after having us review our trip in Japan. A man who spends his whole life telling us how patriotic he is, how much he hates Japan, told us he went to Kagoshima last year and how much he enjoyed a trip there. When you are old enough, you will enjoy every “Gotcha" moment. Like this.



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