Now I know why Hillary lost

I need to prepare for my IELTS writing test. So, writing more obviously does me good.

General election in UK is going to be held in the coming week.  I have to say again I don’t think Labour can win. They may not do even better than they did in June of 2017 General Election, when they could not win in spite of their opponent (Theresa May as leader of the majority party) being as bad an election campaigner as you can ever have.  Objectively, Labour didn’t win given the last time best opportunity, they by no means can win another time.

I did watch a bit of the election debate programmes recently.  I have to admit that Boris Johnson is one of the best election campaigners nowadays.  On the other hand, so is Jeremy Corbyn.  Even Laura Kuensberg, the political editor of BBC, admitted each of them fought a completely different path for winning.  And watching them, or listening them speaking, having interviewed, press conference, etc., I feel that no matter how many more debates are going to be arranged for them head to head, the result would be the same them being neck at neck.  It is because they have been less debating each other, than speaking directly, and separately, to those who love, and only love, them. Two separate TED talks, different themes, different target groups, being held in the same space at the same time slot!!!! Funny.

Love them, loathe them, we still have to admit that they are among the best political figures in the world after 2010, side by side with Donald Trump, Bernie Saunders, Jo Bansenairo, Oban, Erdogan.  We like to call them, dismissively, as populists, with an unconscious mocking undertone like they are not factually as good as their fans think of them. It may be true. But still we cannot deny a fact that, both Jeremy and Boris, are very eloquent and clear in interpreting what they think are the underlying problems dragging their country apart; and equally eloquent and clear in selling their own solution to those underlying problems in their own interpretation.  One selling a vision that Britain should be freed of all hackles/bondages of Euro membership to fully embrace unhinged capitalism as the only way to go; side by side with his counterpart preaching a completely different version, that Britain should vastly repair the public sector she has lost since Margret Thatcherite deregulation, to increase the productivity of most of his country men, even at the lowest class. Completely different, equally persuasive, discerningly untested. But both worryingly unfathomable especially to those middle ground people who are no fans of either one.

It may be because, I don’t want to admit, middle ground doesn’t matter anymore. At least its significance is not at the level it used to be in 90s and the Aughts, when Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and later Barack Obama, were the bulwarks of the global political pantheon. At that time, all those political leaders care is what most of the people, especially the middle ground, want. Pragmatism over ideologue. Bland and blend over spike and spice. With a bright but meaningless logo of “CHANGE". It doesn’t mean that they don’t want change. It rather hints at a name called “PRIORITIES", by which radical change definitely is never at top twenty of the chart.  But now, in the 2010s and afterwards/aftermaths, it doesn’t work anymore. Many people like to say it’s the political figures nowadays instigating and fiddling the divisions of the society.  I think otherwise. Social division is a fact now, only for political figures to take advantage of. Or adapt to.

My father and father-in-law are talking about political turmoils in Hong Kong as other Bluers. Luckily or otherwise, they talk freely despite me here. I found that the information they receive about what happened here is like another dimension from those yellowers. The world is what it is. People live in tribes and bubbles, in which they are too enjoyable to blob out, to burst out.  I go as far as to that: people may not even want to go even where there is a place called middle ground.  People, like music fans, love to stay and stick with their own belief and deities.  Ed Sheerans’ like to be Ed Sheerans’ forever. So are Ariana Grandes’. So are J Hus’. So are J Coles’. Kendrick Lamars’, Shaun Mendes’. Justin Timberlakes’. Lewis Capaldis’. Katy Perrys’. Drakes’. Nicky Minajs’. Mary J Bliges’. To them, as to me or you or us. What is actually happening is less important than what I believe is actually happening.  Ideologue over reality. Or, there are different options/versions of realities up for grasp. Up for competition. Schrodinger cat! Anything can happens, all depends on how much I or we, as a tribe, want my version to happen.  Political figures just don’t need to care about middle ground. They need to care about their fans, or fams. To keep them dream on. To keep them will enough to get me in. No 10. White House. Whatever.

That’s the reason why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Even I gave her a rematch, she would be deemed to lose again. Coz she is an old timer. Fighting for something called middle which simply does not exit anymore.



But it is what it is.


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