Why not bolder

I used to write about UK general election a couple of years ago (2017? June was it? I am not sure.). In particular, I wrote about Jeremy Corbyn, the Marxist opposition leader, then and now (so far), of the British House of Commons.

This time I write about him again.  But I’ll write it a little bit differently.  He has changed since then.  The World has changed since then.  I, in particular, have changed since then. If then did he have a mysterious don’t-know-whence aura sublimates him, triggering his mega-evolution from CND-esque flesh J.C. to Son-of-God-“He-is-the-son-I-love"-voice-from-dont-know-whence-yelling-when-he-cometh-out-of-baptism-esque J.C.; If then did he have the worst incumbent (campaign-wise) to challenge, and he was able to just make a draw. This time this Son-of-God-“He-is-the-son-I-love"-voice-from-dont-know-whence-yelling-when-he-cometh-out-of-baptism-esque J.C. aura is simply gone, transforming him back to that rag’n’bone man flesh and blood J.C. But older; and this time he has a much stronger incumbent (still campaign-wise) to fight for; and this time I have a despair in my gut that he can by no means win. Then he will fade back to oblivion. Ashes to Ashes. Mud to Mud.

And here comes his latest election manifesto.


A big and big policy about turn back to the state and the public, moulded on Green New Deal of Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio Cortes, and Naomi Klein. (And Polly Toynbee, and Daily Mirror’s headline attack, are right. Green New Deal is nothing new, but moulded on big and bold re-development plans pre-WWII like New Deal by FDR,  post-WWII like Marshall Plan, and the plan by Harold Wilson).

– Big Tax Rise on Top-Earners over £800 000

– Windfall Tax on Big Oil and Gas to fund massive green and renewables

– Re-clamation of dodgy tax evaser Big Tech to fund Nationwide Free Broadband

– 150 000 council and affordable houses within 5 years

– Free tertiary education for both inbetweeners and jobless adults

– Re-financing of NHS and Shrinking of PPI

Yeah. It’s a plan that is not going to lure and lull common ground. It’s a simply F’yo Big Rich plan. It’s radical in a sense it’s not even sugarcoated like that manifesto in 2017. It’s radical on its honesty. Outright and naked pledge to grab the wallets of the rich for re-distribution. It’s radical in a sense it’s not even going to be Freudian slip. No need, as he already told you I am tryna’ punish you Big Fat Fuckers.

So this plan is a double whammy shot to amp up my despair in my gut. That’s no way can he win.

And I’m certain he knows that as well.


Obama, in response to the leaning of the US Presidential Election 2020 candidates towards Left Radicalism, showed the same concern about that Radicalism:


“Even as we push the envelope … we also have to be rooted in reality,”

I don’t criticise him, as him who knows he’s born to win. A winner mentality is usually not bold. When you watch cricket, or baseball, you know that winner mentality is always thinking of getting a little bit more chance to edge against your opponent to get a win. Take Washington Nationals, the World Series Winner this year. For the whole series with Astros they were not thinking of how bold they could get a big win. Big home run.  Instead, they tried the utmost to suffocate the run of their opponents, those runners, every base, every inch, every moment. When you think winner, you know your opponent is also winner-esque. That means you can only grind the shit out of him every shot. To get a small advantage. To take a chance to get slightly ahead in any turn possible. However slight. Take no risk. That’s winner mentality. Obama is a naturally born winner. He knows his fate. That’s why he thinks like that.

That’s why he cannot understand loser mentality. Like me. Like those 2020 candidates. Like Jeremy Corbyn. That rag n bone J.C. That flesh and blood J.C. They all know full well they are not gonna win anyhow. People simply don’t pick them no matter how hard they try.  Even J.C. wrote  a mild manifesto to lure the centre voters, those voters would still slough him off! “I won’t believe you! You marxist! You loser!" Those voters would still mock him as an outcast.  You know what’s sad? Sad is you know losing has been long settled. Sad is winner mentality simply makes you lose even more just because the gap is too much to catch up. Middle ground is solid and stubborn. Being lured by none but those “winners". So Obama. You not gonna understand them.

My work and dealing with clients recently made me learn one thing. People you want to work with simply do not want to co-operate. Their intention of sabotaging your work is not even sugarcoated. Coz i’m a loser. So why not bolder? At the stage of visioning to sell clients the products, why not go bigger. Dream bigger? At least I can lure a tiny part of man to my temporary party, no matter how short. Why choose some stupid centre-ground compromise in attempt to get a job that you know full well they aren’t going to give you anyway?

So, hey losers. hey team. Dream big. You know what’s sad? Sad is even you know it’s just a dream, you still hesitate to dream what you really want to dream. Like you know it’s just a dream you still dream of fucking a so-so cantopop star. Why not Ariana Grande? Why not Cherice Theron? Just a dream mate?



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