The Great Hack

That’s one of the best documentaries I have seen this year. I even skipped my watching Chewing Gum (funny but stupid), Trotsky (not funny and a bit stupid), and the Wire S1 (funny, damn serious, but too complicated without sub-title (considering me as a Hong Kong local man) and in 4:3 format) to finish watching it.

I cannot help catch a chill and thrill watching every second of the scenes of it, listening to every byte of sound and conversation from it. Especially so when bytes and bytes of video and audio extract/excerpt from Brexit, US 2016 Election, and beyond (Brazil Election 2018 (Russian Election (Nigeria Election (India Election ( Bestiality in Myanmar Protiv Rohingya ) Indonesia Election ) Black/Blue Lives Matter ) Zimbabwe Movement) )))))))))) showing on my 16:9 computer screen, here and there, periphery then centre and back to corner, until it becomes everywhere. The pictures, the every word by Carole Cadwalladr (one of my reasons for keeping my over 1000 HKD support to Guardian/Observer every month), are like talking to me, the same saying like from my heart: If it is not dystopia, what is?

For some reasons (be it ignorant, be it snobbery, be it STRAKKKE, be it scare, be it cowardness, be it me being the main breadwinner of my family now), I, a Hong Kong man of 40, been choosing silence about what is still happening in where I live. Not commenting. Not speaking. Not overhearing. Not texting. Not Whatsapping. Not Twittering. Avoiding of tit-for-tat spatting sparing like I used to Facebookkkking. D-amming. while where I am is on the brink of dynamo collapsing. Government tattering but bragggging.

But watching what has been happing in the world as shown on the Great Hack made me helpless in resisting my temptation of talking about here, where I live in. Time to time I can catch up the video and audio clips of both sides of the tussle here. Maybe because now even Facebook and Twitter and Whatsapp think I am right at the middle. Which I am not but……..whatever. Like what people say, when I keep my silence in the midst of injustice and brutality. I would be the accomplice and share the shame and guilt of whodunit, who initiated it, who sustained it. But what I am who I am is not the point. The point is both sides are as connected and manipulated in the same system, evil system, as portrayed in the Great Hack, which did not include here as the example. YET. But the behaviour, the how it works is just the fucking same as I concern. The feeding of what you want to see based on what you are/what Tech Giant (the MATRIX) thinks you are. Who you are according to the data. And we are so divided now. So getting ourselves into anger now. Tantrum works in tandem with our brutality. Reason and true justice being thrown out of the way.

It’s horrible to me. But I can keep myself business as usual.

Because of who I am and what I am.

A coward maybe.

A man scared of past experience maybe.

But definitely.

A 40-yr-old local man here.


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