My First Encounter…with a cricketer

My funny moment yesterday.

Yesterday my family and I, in total seven people, needed a ride to Festival Walk. So my wife called a UberXL. A black Alphard came, with a South Asian driver. Saying hi. That tickled me as I know most of the South Asians love cricket. A bit of my stereotyping myself.  And I love cricket. I whispered to the ear of my wife after saying hullo, “do you think he watch Cricket World Cup?" My wife whispered back, “why don’t you ask him?"

Being a shy netizen, not able to form normal dialogue even in social media, I sat at the front of that black Alphard, counting my nearly 5 min. without a word with that South Asian driver since that “Hullo". And I thought that silence might go on till ether like always. My mind brewing like below:

. What should I start?

. If <Do you love Indian Cricket Team?> AND If <He said he does not like cricket. He likes basketball>, Then [Embarrassment]

. If <Do you love Indian Cricket Team?> AND If <He is a Pakistanis>, Then [Get my whole family kicked out of the car]

. If <Do you love Cricket> And If <He said why do you think I like cricket. Because I am South Asian? So I should love curry? You racist!!!!], Then [Bomb]

So, as it happened, silence went on till I got off the Alphard, except a ‘Thank you’ and ‘You’re Welcome’.  The story was so dull as the story I used to write in here. All soliloquy like a psycho movie but without any trick or twist.

But the twist did come finally, stirred by my wife. Great story usually has a twist in the middle starting from a female. Like MacBeth. Like all A-Movies from SOS or Tokyo Hot. I think mine story comes at the middle of those two extremes.

My wife: <Why don’t you ask him a number?>

Me: <Why?>

My wife: <Because he has an Alphard and may be useful next time we go to airport for big trip. Like Skiing.>

OK. I got back on the Alphard.

Me: <Hey bro. Can I have your number? So I may give you a call time to time for a lift, outside Uber I mean. What do you think?>

Driver: <Sure. Why not.> AND gave a name card. AND I followed through.

Me: <Do you like cricket?>

Driver: <Yeah. I am a cricketer.>

Me: <Give me fi. I am a cricketer too.>

Driver turned his eyes to me with absolute bewilderment. My mind went [What? Because I am Chinese? So I should not love cricket? So I should not love curry? You racist!!!!] But..

Me (trying hard to sound upbeat): <I love it. Which team do you support?>

Driver: <England>

Oh wtf….totally opposite to what I used to think. But totally made me elated.

Me: <Me too! Gi mi fi> AND So doeth the two men. In the Alphard.

Driver: <I am international cricketer. Playing for Hong Kong.>

Oh wtdf……that was mind exploding. TNT class.

Me: <You are?>

Driver: <Yeah! I am.>

Me: <So you played in Asia Cup last year.>

Driver: <Yeah.>

Me: <I watched it. You’ve done well. Even against India!>

Driver: <Yeah.> AND another gi mi fi.

Me: <With Rohit Sharma>

Driver: <Yeah.> One more gi mi fi.


What an experience for me as a tailender. A bit dishonest on my side though, as my cricketer experience is just one time playing with my son and daughter down on my podium. But….WFC….But the story didn’t end there. After the car trip I told my wife that. And said his name was Shakeel.

Today, I checked HK International Cricket Team in Google and I couldn’t get this name. And I checked his name card once again. It was actually a business card of a Cricket Coach. The school name of the Cricket school was Shakeel. Without his name. I didn’t ask for his name. I don’t know his name. And he gave me a card which didn’t have his name! And it was not a business card for a driver. But a Cricket Coach! A Cricketer. As he said he is. In that black Alphard!


But it’s a funny encounter isn’t it?


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