My disgust recently against my mom

Two days ago my mom sent a video on my WhatsApp. I usually ignore them. Same this time, be a Confucius, unsee/unhear/unsay anything in-Confucius (Johnny actually meant what he didn’t like).

But this time I responded wee different. I responded like “don’t send those things to me anymore mom. No worries mama. I ain’t no interest in politics no more," without even ever watching it. Expected! Those gwai Lo/ Caucasians working in China telling us Hong Kong to stop our antipathy and bias towards China which is now modern and progressing. Which I have to say works to a lot of civil servants at their prime at the senescence of British colonial rule over HK in 80s (my mom and papa being ones); which I dare say works even to a lot of civil servants post mortum of British colonial rule (I understand better than anyone me being one of them, shamefully).

My grunge and depression suddenly came at the same time meeting me being centre of the vortex like a cup of McFlurry, undercutting uppercutting. Call it tantrum call it first world sentiment misfit at a third world colony here, just a change of feudal barons (Ann Widdecombe, this is where enslavement is, not your country stupid). But my mom’s video, so modern so rational so soothe patting on my back unexpectedly triggered my beastie temper enraging, still fucking ticking here in my brain. Mom when I was young I used to admire you being different from other c9s. Had a job in government. Know a bit of 英文 and Britain. Talk a bit a tinge of little English reason. But a rift ran asunder us from one day I suddenly feel ashamed of who I am and what I’ve been brought up since then. Because of you. Don’t know why you changed so sudden.

Or you haven’t a bit changed. You all along the fucking same. Now I remember something. In 1992 1993 when I was twelve, you were so angry about LA, about black Americans looting and ruining civilians, which was on show reported day and night by TVB.

Ah… now I know the culprit, the cause of our rift. Culprit of why now I hate you so much. As General Education being the culprit the cause of the rift in HK, in the eyes of Mr Tung. If a scapegoat is so important now for everyone everything. TVB intoxicating my mom my family including me. That 1992 my worldview was so indoctrinated by TVB who didn’t even mention a name Rodney King. TVB, a bastion a Bastille of every evil embodied by my mom my pa my family including me. Then. Pseudo modern, mainstream, central, elitist, helping millions of that generation all generations of HK since 70s got indoctrination of a worldview as skewed as narrow as ignorant as Mr Tung. Have a view on A1 stamping a stampede verdict damning Liberalism and Pluralism, the pillar of civilisation. The killer is all like living in matrix without even recognising it. Live as comfortable in a pit, a backyard pit as Louis IV Antoinette in Lovre palace. A poison. A machine pipelining generations of dumb like me mom sharing those videos to me like they know many, while still know not a name called Rodney

Rodney mama

Rodney King Mama

Compton Mama

Google it and shut the fuck up


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