I’d Rather I were sexy, But

Idris Elba, the 007-would-be, Luther, and then, Turn Up Charlie –In Netflix.

“He’s sexy Eh? Sexy Eh" I kept turning to ask my wife, while the Netflix was still on.

“Him? Really?" returned my wife, a bit critical about my comment, reticent but critical.

You don’t think he’s sexy, so you chose me. I understand. But “he is elected the sexiest man in the world by women population in the world," so retorted her I.


I am a town planner. I work in a Government that smells like shit, in a shithole place like Hong Kong.  Town planner as a profession share one thing with other professional job you may have heard –solicitors, accountants, doctors, etc. ==that it is a dull job, completely, 100 out of 99, unsexy. So unsexy that when a Town Planner has a speed dating table, I am sure he’s goona turn all the potentials away to the next seats right at the moment he tells his job. “I am a town planner. I work in a…..hey! can I finish first before you change your fucking seat ma’m? Pay me due courtesy I deserve eh? can’t you. I pay as much as you have to be here ma’m. Maybe more ma’m."

I’d rather I had a sexy job. Like Photographer, like DJ (that’s why I thought Turn Up Charlie is sexy and I can’t stop watching till the end), like rapper, like Comedian. I watched Romes Ranganathan’s Show on ABC. How sexy he is. Intelligent. Fireround Intelligent, and sexy. Listen to his accent. His Cool Camden English Accent! Sexy.

The only news that catch my attention recently is the long anticipated resigning of Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General of the United States of America. He is the main reason why Mueller Investigation can continue until the end.  He got one of the most unsexy jobs, Attorney.  But he seems proud of how unsexy he is in his last letter to his colleagues.  What catch me is his quote:

“We enforce the law without fear or favor because credible evidence is not partisan, and truth is not determined by opinion polls,”

“We ignore fleeting distractions and focus our attention on the things that matter, because a republic that endures is not governed by the news cycle.”


Plain speak, “My job is dull, unsexy, but important. Because the country is founded on our job." WOW!

I heard a podcast, in which  the guest, David O’Doherty, spoke similar thing. He talked about the importance of election, and European Union and the bureaucracy within Brussels. Dull, his exact word, caught me. It means unsexy, exact opposite to what I want. But he said the whole sweet thing  of being Europeans depend on this thing. This dull thing. British, have you not learnt that until now?  Somehow someone should be in control. If you’re out of it. Let someone do it for you, understand?


I still hate my job. Hate my being completely unsexy. But I hope one day I can at least tell the woman in my front. “Yeah I am unsexy. But the world depends on me."

This morning I was introduced a rapper I have never heard, but he is famous, Loyle Carner.  His music is sexy.  I begin to love rap music. Man, I want to be as sexy as you are:




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