Drugs do work


It’s about people in uk, us and Europe have suddenly found self-help books very useful to boost them up, or cure their lows, or both.

I personally find it quite funny that many people still think those books work. People still think it helps to read some celebrities say, “look at me. I have never felt down because I always do this and this every day; because I tell myself such and such everyday."; or some self-claimed survivors say, “I used to be so negative about something to everything. But it’s all gone стали в positivity and sunshinivity because I have done this and this," or “I used to think I cannot survive this and this. But stopping thinking of this and this has got me through." People still believe all it takes to get you through is a bit of self-believe, or make believe. Oh man. The one who sang “when I can see it, I can get through/ that’s no one into it, when I just believe it", R Kelly, has been arrested, with all the hope that he has conveyed. How can you think they work? How can you think there’s some control of your emotions yourselves, like you’re fucking pilots in your cockpits! How can you think it’s a light bulb, that you can switch? Or let anyone anything switches on/off anytime? Like the Inside Out? It’s emotion man!

But I think you have to trust me. Lows and anxiety are neurotic thing. It means they are controlled by your neurons. It means, yeah emotions are all in your brain. But you’re never gonna control it. It’s so inside you while so out of your reach at the same time.

Trust me. I’ve been so low recently. I couldn’t sleep, like several days in a row. I needed two or three macchiato a morning to get on with my machismo. I got angry so easily. And I was so ready to cry that I even needed some masochistic Korean soap op to help me. Or I would just break down because I found no reason to cry. And I knew I needed doctor while I definitely knew I don’t. What for? For telling me something I had already known? Or telling me there were some stupid self help by like gwyneth Paltrow that told me I could switch on my upbeat? Like there was a switch in my brain that’s called UP, but the key was somewhere in her fucking passage? Oh man, it’s not gonna work man. Not for me. Then I felt my brain ran super slow. My response was super tense. That I got jittery even just because some stupid Twitter bitch told me I need a detox.

But trust me man. Something has worked. It’s called lorenzapem. An anti-anxiety drug. I get half a pill a night since my wife stopped taking it. And all that those stupid self helps told became true to me! Every time I got grilled by my boss, my brain’s resilience got super charged, tell me, say, “hey man, I used to be so negative about something to everything. But it’s all gone стали в positivity. Just stopping thinking of this and this and you can get through."

Drugs work. Drugs make it happen.

My new reading is Joan didion’s my year of magical thinking. I love this book because it’s not stupid self help. It’s about “I met my nightmare suddenly and it was horrible. I don’t think of how I can get through because I simply can’t."

Man. You simply can’t you fucking stupid. Don’t tutor me. Don’t ever fucking try to tutor me. I’m bored by your positivity and pompous sunshinity which is shit to me. Just get the fuck out. I just love my drug.

Drugs don’t work



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