Tutoring my son is quite fun

Sort of…

My son is honestly quite shit academically speaking. There are kids you would say you are strong but at heart you actually meant he was weak. And my son, I simply say “you are weak". Coz it’s no way to say otherwise.

Fuck it.

And I have to tutor him for Chinese composition exam. And I’m not good at Chinese either. Not bad but… can’t get no clue in helping him. So…

Fuck it.

I simply ordered him to treat it like programming. Circle all the VAR which you can redefine. And the other parts, simply copy n paste n don’t change anything. And then … press a button to test.

In his case, that means memorise the sentences and don’t touch a thing. Don’t create any sentence new. Just change the VAR.

Don’t know if it is how programmers work. I simply imagine it. And here we go. Press a button to test.

Funny eh.? Don’t know how he would go. Maybe he will fuck it all once again as he always does. But…

Fuck it. It would b alright innit?



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