BLM – A song

Pick up my guitar again because I want to play this song:

It’s a song about a protagonist, Lynval Golding, who was born with Jamaica and among the Windrush Generation emigrating to UK for a better life, and how he endured discrimination and racial insult, from structural, institutional to everyday conversation, wherever whenever he goes since  he left Jamaica.

A very funny song, so I tried to play it, practicing my sound copying, and found a funny thing.

Yesterday I bought my new iphone, and suddenly an album from Albert King I bought so long ago popped up back into my Apple Music Library.  I then suddenly remembered his most famous song, Under A Bad Sign.  And when I switch on the Specials BLM song on Youtube, fitted my headphone, and strummed my Fender Strat, trying a play something to mimic or harmonize the chord progression of the song, I found that BLM’s chord progression and tempo are exactly the same as Under A Bad Sign. Oh…what a coincidence!!!! But I guess I know it’s not a bloody coincidence. It’s a tribute. The lyrics of Under A Bad Sign is:

Born under a bad sign
Been down since I began to crawl
If it wasn’t for bad luck, you know I wouldn’t have no luck at all
Ah arrrrrrh…..A comic sound bobbed out of my head, telling me “I got it!"
A story about an Albert who found himself have nothing except bad luck since he learned to crawl.  How come?
You ain’t no luck since you’re black. You know that.  Classic James Baldwin’s sarcastic!
That’s how genius the song BLM is. Just listen to it you learn something right on….
Black Lives …… no matter where yo from…

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  1. 生活中來點音樂實在很好


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