Springsteen On Broadway


If I really have an ID, or image, I think I like guitar, music, and especially rock music.

But I am honest. I don’t pretend I know Bruce Springsteen when I don’t often listen to his music. I don’t even call one of his albums.

But this memoir by him like re-ignite my passion about music that I smothered myself about half a year ago. His recalling of how he first got his guitar, how he had his first disastrous show in the backyard. All made me suddenly remembered my Fender Stratocaster, always sitting next to me in my cubicle in wherever I work since when I can’t even remember, was left untouched for exactly half a year.  For the pain the angst the disheartenedness the deflation I had been feeling since half a year ago. I finally unzip the guitar bag, and get him on my hand. Like Bruce Springsteen said in the show, “my sword of all". I put my fingers on to play a little tune. And feel and get back my music.  Thank you Bruce.

Yeah. My passion about music is always what define me all along.  I used to love it so much I wrote a novel about music! I don’t need to feel lost. It’s always there. Though I have always been a shit musician.

De-linking my blog with Twitter may be a good option for me, though out of my anger about what happened to me in Twitter recently. It might be good no more 騷首弄姿 蟻咬 as people think. Yeah. It may be freer, freer to do whatever I like. So thank you. Whoever you are.




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