A Reshuffle

Recently I decided a wholesale change of the catalogue of my Apple Music Library.  Haven’t made this change since….I guess…..5 years ago.  That’s why I bought three new albums:

Oxnard by Anderson.Paak

Merriland by The Good, The Bad and The Queen (Basically it’s Damon Albarn again)

White Album (2018 Re-mastered) by the Beatles (the first Beatles album I’ve ever bought)


I did write some review about Oxnard on Twitter a couple weeks ago. Re-listened, and I know I was wrong about the album and I’m here to right my wrong, as I always do here.


I don’t know why the first time I watched Anderson.Paak on NPR show I knew I love him. I don’t even know his music. But I love him. His is just the music I wanna make myself if I were good enough (which I never can be).

Maybe I have changed already I like R&B and Funky jazz now.

Back to the Oxnard:

I said the album lacked tenacity at the end of the album. Re-listened. I know I’m wrong. The album is still very good and vivid and lively and cheeky till the ending song. But I still prefer the first 5 songs. One of the first 5, Trippy, is so familiar to me in melody that I know I heard somewhere. I’m not saying something about plagiarism. It’s not. I just say the melody made me feel the same.

Yesterday I know what song Trippy is similar/familiar in my perspective. It’s ….right! Damon Albarn again, in one of the greatest albums of BLUR -Think Tank.

The Caravan song

I don’t know why many BLUR fans tell me they don’t like this album. This album to me is simply masterpiece.  Maybe it’s so unblur. But so what!?

The White Album (2018 Remastered) – Good. But still….It’s so Beatles. Beatles to me is a band who had spent so much effort to re-incarnate as something else, while they didn’t even know they were, they sounded, exactly the same they used to be.

Know what I mean? Just try to listen. You’ll know.



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