I hate Steve because I hate myself so much

I hate Steve jobs. Not because of his iPhones and Apple Watches. Yeah, I hate most of them but it’s not the point why I hate him.

I hate Steve jobs. Because he said “stay foolish" on a lectern before he died, and the crowd just love him ever more. Like it’s a piece of art. Like girl with a balloon, and it’s whatever versions.

I hate Steve jobs. Because he said “stay foolish" and then people pick it up, meme it and quote it every day, putting “love withstands forever" in the scriptures. Like it’s a godsend.

I’ve been experiencing a period, in which my loved one keeps asking me why, and I cannot give an answer. I cannot even find a word, when it’s not even appropriate to say “I don’t know". “Why I’m like this?" She says, after a short while she asked, “why I’m experiencing that?" Why this. Why that. And there’s still no word. No answer. Just silence. Or a shrug. That’s how you feel foolish. That’s what “stay foolish" actually means you fucking hypocrite. You fucking genius saying the thing I feel everyday without my consent, and make yourself sound even cleverer. While I foolisher. You idiot.

“I don’t know," said I to my boss, as I say every other day. “You’re supposed to know," my boss retorted with seriousness but a tint of mockery, like every other day. “Sorry." That’s the moment you feel foolish. And you retro count your days since you had consciousness. And you find yourself staying foolish non stop for your whole fucking life! That’s what " stay foolish " means you idiots. It’s a description of status, class, a caste of being stupid, not your fucking aspiration like human being needs it for civilisation sake.

You looked smug looked smart when you said it to your crowd. Just because you knew full well you genius still stayed genius forever cleverer than us even you sometimes feel a little foolish about yourself. You know your foolish still way higher than our cleverness. You made us look foolisher and made yourself cleverer even you are dying prick! You know you ll die a genius and people praise you ever after.

And I, keep my caste, with no word at home, and don’t know and sorry at work. Staying foolish.





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