Old Movie is so 唔撚識串

8 days a week movie的圖片搜尋結果

Can’t say much about this movie because (1) I don’t know much about movie; (2) I don’t know much about music; (3) I don’t know much about Beatles; and (4) I don’t want to see one day on Twitter some idiots who know a lot about the above share my article for pejorative and sadistically cynical purposes. Like they did to my friend’s article on Medium.  Which I hate most about that space. It’s another kind of censorship.  Like school bullying smugs who mug someone and goes, “We have every right to do that to you idiot just because you are an idiot, y’know!!!! This is a fucking free country!!!" I hate that. I really hate that. So I also always say I don’t know. I just say something because I want to say what I like. Not because I know anything about it.

Just one thing. I used to read a lot of comments like “Paul McCartney is the brain of Beatles. John Lennon is the soul of Beatles. George Harrison is the heart of Beatles. Ringo Starr is ….. a drum." in discussion group like 高登

The only feeling I got from this documentary is so contrary to what they said above.  Rather, most of the songs Beatles made would have been pretty bland and mediocre if the drum were some ordinary drum rather than Ringo Starr.


That’s how good Ringo is.

What I learn from most of the music band is that. A drum is not a brain, a soul, a heart of anything. A band is like a racing car model. Drum is the engine in it.  You never see an engine except you are those engineer geeks. But how good, how powerful, how geniusly built an engine is determines how good your racing car is.  You can either be Ferrari F90, McClaren, or down to Ford Fiesta. It’s all about the engine.





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