Something I introduce to you

If you have had experience of being a daddy, or mommy, here’s a good one for you.

It’s funny. Pain stuck in your ass funny. And a bit paranoid. A bit anxious. A bit helpless. A bit sarcastic. A bit cathartic.  And most of all. It’s depicting something true in our life. Every dad and mom feel, at a certain point of time, or like me, all the time, they suck. They failed. They fall shy of. They got beaten by their babies/children/dickheads like Hampshire batsmen got bowled by Stuart Broad.

This is a good one.

So as He Died with a Falafei in his Hand. A movie I watched in Australia. A movie made in Australia. And it’s awesome. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrel kind of awesome.

Something I introduce to you 有 “ 1 則迴響 ”

  1. 謝謝介紹


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