Loneliness is Poisonous?







The first story is about, people, esp. millennials, are feeling increasingly lonely. And, the passage mentioned that loneliness may cause depression and anxiety, suicidal ideation, etc. OK, so it simply means loneliness is a disease. If not, it is some bad habit that may cost one his life. As smoking and drinking do to you. OK, so what’s the cure? The passage said try to be happy and talk to people who would listen.

Hey listen. It sounds like a tautology right? If you can be happy and talk to people who really listen to you, how can you be lonely then? How can you be depressed or anxious? I may be anxious or even depressed, but I am not stupid, am I?


The second story is about, people who are male and lonely, call themselves INCEL, for Involuntarily celibate (can’t get fuck no matter what). It’s like 毒撚 in Chinese. However, as even I am called 毒撚, I don’t think it’s a good translation.  Those male can’t get fuck as no one wants to fuck them (it’s what INVOLUNTARY means I think), groom them group a hatred towards those who can get fuck so much that they develop homicidal ideation. WOW.  That means, loneliness is really at the same rank with cigarette. Ones don’t only kill themselves, they also kill those stand by them but don’t smoke! It seems like loneliness is so epidemic that we have to call Public Health England, or Dof H in Hong Kong, to get a cure, get a kill. Weed out the epidemic!!!!!


The third story is about, getting some Methadone to substitute our loneliness. I think relationship rental is a concept too familiar to you, so I don’t elaborate here. I just share that I really felt sad when the article turned to a single mother who rent a husband and a father for her 10-year-old girl. Loneliness is toxic. But I haven’t yet imagined that Fear for being lonely is that toxic.



The last story is not about loneliness. But instead, someone may need some time for solitude to sort those things out. In my opinion, solitude comes conscience, which is what we always need to be more civilised, esp. in this era of madness.


Yeah….I feel lonely time to time. But I think I’m OK.



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