An enlightening story

Stop writing any story because I just can’t without feeling bad.

But I still like reading story. Especially short one. Because I’m quite a slow reader. I can only read 7-12 pages of a normal size paperback book every half an hour. That means, it takes me at least 50 days to read a normal novel of about 700 pages. (I can only have 30 minutes for my reading everyday). Now you know how slow. Pathetic slow.

So short story suits me. That’s why I like New Yorkers which have new short stories posted every issue. And the short story I share above struck me. Because Yiyun LI, the author, gave us some hints to answer a question stuck in my heart for so long: Why Chinese Americans in USA  voted Trump. It’s not even some Chinese Americans voted Trump. It’s quite a large proportion of them who vouched their choice, which is still safe, and stuck around in their community.

I used to say I cannot make any sense of it. I can’t connect a Chinese with White Supremacist ideology.  But this story suggested that linking Chinese with Trump may not be as crazy fantasisation as I used to think, though such a link is still to be a discombobulation.

Chinese inner-drive towards Confucius-style conservatism (i.e. steadfast power domination of male over female; centre over periphery; ruling over ruled) (i.e. treating everything with an analogy of family, i.e. an only male on top and in charge of everything no matter how stupid he is, here I define as phallic male) may be a very good explanation, at least speculation.   There might be other reasons which she didn’t tell in her story, or she didn’t know yet.  Maybe most of the American Chinese are pious Christian who treated every Republican candidate as God Send.  I don’t know.  I really don’t.

The author gave you a narration of the story as well.  You may not like it.  As I know many Hong Kong people hate Chinese accent, to an extent that they turn into racists against their own race.

Ahh….maybe….that’s another explanation. The inherent racism of Chinese. I don’t know. I really don’t.


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  1. 很有趣的一篇文章!


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