I hope I’m offending no one

Just checked out this podcast of chatting between Alice Fraser (an Australian comedian I barely know) and Kirsty Webeck (an Australian comedian I don’t know). That I find it quite meaningful, at least to me, and I hope as much to you my friend, the only one I truly see as friend in Twitter.


Your listening is better than me, so you may get something I simply couldn’t get.  So, you may find the conversation more, or less, enjoyable.

I don’t get much, as I am so used to have my mind sleep-trotting when I check out my podcast. But something in the middle nails in my head, that I suddenly think of you, a self-declared combative centrist. That, if you find someone doing something really wrong, that you want to correct it, to make things right, saying “you’re completely nut you dickhead" (very suitable to BoJo) / “you’ll be damned, you’v ruined every single thing, you bitch" (maybe suitable to Isabel Oakeshot) is going to get you nothing, but a reciprocal hate/block/unfollow, and then the whole conversation stops from then.  That’s how we netizens work nowadays, typical tribal combatism, only that we do it without spears or swords or bows (you would hurt your monitor even you did have), and I’m telling you it’s not gonna work. And, it’s simply not OK.

I am starting getting myself a bit too personal now. So, I got to stop. And hope you’ll be OK.

Best Wishes.



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