A further footnote


Nothing to add, except further elaborate on the reporter’s second, how rare Creep’s and Creepy Del Rey song’s chord progression are.

Most of the pop songs are pretty comfortable with a chord progression of C – F – G – C, or

1 – 4 – 5 – 1 (for making allowance for song-writers to tune of key to suit the singers’ pitch range). It’s because it’s been tested, and tested again, from Baroque music to 21st shit rogue poppy songs, the chord progression most listeners  feel most comfortable. Comfortably nothing, in the sense that ones really feel nothing. Comfortably numb. Staying cuddly cozy within one’s audio comfort zone, with a slice of stimulation.  So common listeners can stay day and night listening the same progression again, again, and again, repeat, and back to the same fucking loop.



However the fuck the song is annoying to me, it’s been tested and tested again the killer chord progression to shoot any shit to superstardom. Litterally, it works.

The so-called common pop songs the reporter quoted in the article, therefore, are already less common. G – D – Em – C. It means a chord progression of 1 – 5 – b6 – 4.

Em composed of E – G – B. The B note stands out in the whole progression, which then leads to C. A textbook case of voice leading. It’s still common. But it’s already a bit complicated that differentiates the song(s) over millions of shit I have just mentioned above.

Creep’s chord progression: G-B-C-Cm. Or 1 – 3 – 4 – 4min.  It’s a chord progression that most song-writers don’t even think of trying, because, mathamatically, or musically, it’s the dumbest, and dullest, chord progression we can ever think of.  [G,B,D] to [B,Eb,G] to [C,E,G] to [C,Eb,G]. The only note change is D then Eb then E then back to Eb. It will make the song sound very flat. Lack of change. Get listeners into boredom and lethargy. Like taking weed.  But such effect suited exceptionally well the lyric that described a dull and dumb, a bit self-destructing, sociopath (i.e. Thom Yorke) feeling bad trying to fit in a “normal" world.  That resonated, and keeps resonating, with generation and generation of weirdos (like me? I don’t know), to make it a national anthem for the Republic of misanthropia. (sing it with heart, with arms keep straight pointing to the sky, or your country will fucking lock you up).

So, to Lana Del Rey, is this:

The first one who chose such dull chord progression to make a song, he was either a dumbarse, or fucking genius, or both. The second one who chose exactly the same dull chord progression to make a song? you are fucking copier. Don’t say you are unintentional, girl. You know some music. So you know what you are doing.




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