Let’s talk about…Hope

The story that really drags me to introspection and retrospection is this


Yeah, the only surviving Northern While Rhino I used to write about a couple of years ago finally stops his enduring and lonesome pain as the only male Rhino in the world.


He surely has had enough of this world.  A comic king living in his small kingdom with nothing but his daughter and grand daughter, guarded by a group of lovely vets and a few valiant warriors scantily armed with their AK47. Sounds like a tyrant facing the end of his reign (like Qaddafi, Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Mubarak, Robert Mugabee, the list goes on).  His rear legs are too weak to support his copulation.  So he couldn’t do nothing to please himself a bit, even he were a pedophile and incest pervert.  If you were him, you would probably, highly probably, say, “man, give me something so I can kill myself. I rather kill myself. Please."

Sorry for him, and the whole kingdom of Rhinos. If I am a conservationist. No, I am not. I used to be a bit lachrymose. Maybe a bit too lachrymose. Maybe I just pretend to be one to seek attention, or seek someone to talk to. But I really feel I have changed.

And, this morning I did watch the news, telling me we shouldn’t be too mournful about the last king of Scotland. The news told me something I didn’t used to know, that population of different species of Rhinos actually have increased for the last couple of years because of concrete action to stop poaching. Thanks to Greenpeace and other conservationist NGOs.

And the news I share tells that there is technique for  resurrecting this horny Jesus, if we really want to.  Better not to, if the resurrected horny Jesus knew we spend zillion of effort to make him live in a kingdom he can fuck no one but his senescent daughter, or granddaughter, or himself, he would definitely euthemise himself once again. “Oh my Father, why the fuck have you forsaken me."

Just kidding. Have some great news to tell my son, and daughter.  That, death is horrible. But there is something hopeful that we can still laugh out loud.

Let’s talk about…Hope 有 “ 1 則迴響 ”



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