The Evil of Twitter

This is the extension of my last post (or last last post, anyway).  Ricky Gervais, it is the first time I saw his stand up.  I don’t know why I’ve been bombed with comedy shows and standups in my Netflix….I expected to have Netflix and Chill!!!! You know what chill is!!!!!! I supposedly got fed a lot of boobs!!!! Watching a lot of middle age men standing up doing fucking jokes definitely does count one.

Anyway….I love comedy show. Rick’s style did recall my first memory of watching Dayo Wong when I was very very young, in Asia TV, which already died. (A dead dog resurrected one day as a cat is not a resurrection! You know what I mean). Very dark and very funny. With a lot of explicit contents.  He spent nearly a quarter of his time telling my sickly Twitter interaction has been.  But it doesn’t mean we have to cut it off. Getting on MTR every day is sickening as well. You know what I mean.  Having had a world class funny man say “唔鍾意咪撚fo" verbatim in English was something, to me, a guy who are addicted to it for quite some time.

Hope anyone would enjoy.

PS. Netflix, if you do hear, please send me some boobs as well. I really love boobs. I do.


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