The Power of Twitter

It’s one of the heart bending, heart warmingly hilarious though, stories I read in this Magazine. First, I have to prostrate for the power Twitter got!!! converting a deadpan family grown Westboro follower, with knock-on domino effect on the family members around her, Phelps-Ropers’, the queen bee of the whole community!!!!!

Thine kingdom, Thine power, Thine glory, for ever, Amen!!!!!!

And the girl found true love through twitter conversation! And she even dreamed of the boy who may or may not exist!!!! And finally get together, like 張翠山 and 殷素素!!!!! What the Eff!!!!! A love story that starts well and ends well, through Twitter. The second case as far as I am concerned!!!!

Yeah….it’s fascinating to be there sometimes. That calls back my memory when I first set up an account there, meeting people there I felt so strange, and so wonderful, at the time. Surely there is something in it.  Its getting more toxic day by day cannot nullify my very memory about back then.

Abihbot – I used to long for being a kind of him, debating and discussing with the guys whose belief I cannot even understand, or can feel nothing but disdain, while keeping a courty friendship online. But I failed quite many times to do that. So I stop longing for it for so long. The reasons may be (1) I am not as knowledgeable as Abihbot; and (2) I am just as idiot as an average Twitizen in attitude and choice of words when I discuss with people. Surely I should have said a lot of things that hurt people there.

So I say, I hate you, but it’s fine coz I hate you as much as I hate myself. That can even count as love, if you know what I mean.

Still. I am not trying to be full of myself, that I can give you insights about what I learnt from the passage. I only share funny thing. And this article surely is one of a kind. I don’t pretend to know anything. Because I really don’t know.

The only last thing I want to say, don’t choose life that comes after, because we never be sure if there is one. Don’t choose life that came before, because it’s gone. Choose present. That is life, the only thing we’ve got. Viva la Gloria


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