Dodgy Cunt

Dodgy Cunt You Dodgy Cunt
Dodgy Cunt You Dodgy Cunt

What I done to you you keep witch huntin’
What I don’t do you oft’ framin’
Shamin’ Damnin’ but we just do our music babe
Indy wha sis it you no need listenin’
Neemetter how hard you try is a Universe to your fuckin’ brain
Just dodgying, dogging, behind your stupid thing
Article what? 10, 20, or 30?
Or Ordinance, what? Section 133 (a) (b) (c)
To me, to you, just nothin’ sisn’t fittin’ your shitstematic
which think of nothin’ nothin’
But how long a doggy you take meetin’ Xi Jing Ping.

Dodgy Cunt You Dodgy Cunt
Dodgy Cunt You Dodgy Cunt

Stupid, like a phallus, you gangs do calculus of callous
We call it dope you call it useless, lightless, lewdness
Drug. You call it drug, a poison from a mug of thug
But ye know, what sis drug? Music’s drug, 東方’s drug
大媽’s drug, power’s drug, money’s drug, real estate’s drug
梁美芬’s drug, 林以諾’s drug, Religion’s drug, CCP’s drug
Pop music? Drug. The druggest of the drug.
We can’t do without drug, so can you,
Keepin us always a step from die
To the shittest, we dupe us it’s still fine
But we’re sure, mine is fine coz I don’t do you fine
I won’t evict nobody, as if yours are mine
Reggae, Hiphop, Noisepop, Synthpop, we enjoy ourselves
Do no harm to the world.
But your phalla boodozer, you keep fuck my girl
My only girl, my only pearl, my only world
Unfurl my arms, as do but a hundred palms,
With calm, unarmed, in a puny stage
If we ever brawl you coz you freak me out, drag me out,
who have nothing, but a guitar, synther’ and a drum of pulse
So get out. I say one more time, You dodgy cunt, get out.

Dodgy Cunt You Dodgy Cunt
Dodgy Cunt You Dodgy Cunt

We no rebel I hope you understand
If youth does offend it’s just passed you ma’am, Yo man
Don’t hypo crush me pretend you care
I know what you done you’ve got pepper man
I know you man
I saw you man
Beat the shit out and you cry out foul
Your shit ‘ouse, Clubhouse, outlaw no doubt
Stop critique you motherfucker cunt me mouth
I’m not your cum you louse
Cuff me music for we worked in house
I ain’t no work no doubt
Please dirty shut your mouth
We contributin’ your shitty’ town with my clout
My only clout my mouth
Don’t humiliate it with your mouth,
I tell you, you learn
It’s contributing. It’s singing. It’s soul searching.
It’s heart mending. It’s a stop call
Call us from bending, corruptin’ like all of you,
who dup us devil, but I still love you,
I keep me hope, One day I hope, embrace your sin
till you leave your soul, to the where I know,
I know, for sure, you snort nosed punter,
I call it
Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you


Dodgy Cunt You Dodgy Cunt
Dodgy Cunt You Dodgy Cunt

Park. not for music.
Garden. not for music.
Street. not for music.
Flat. not for music.
Cafe. not for music.
Stadia. not for music.
Not here. Not there. Not for music f’ yer fuck sake.
Where the ‘ell sis music on yer lipstick. No music but yer
Yo set your
STAGE! for every little genre would say
BABY yer’ most welcome to stage I set my date, must a put a crimy
FACE! say hey I love you boss, for yo’ the cause of
EVERYTHING! Rock’n’ Roll, Core, Post-Core, Gothic, not allowed till you
CALL! PatriOT! Comrade I owe you
MORE! than my whole country. There’s no country. But your own country.
Censor! until I pass N’ yo’ loving me, bullshit you know,
What is music? Is no country. No
Border! I crush them all with my own language, ‘mbrace
You ALL! With one idea. It’s called love, hate, fun, sex, drug, anything just up to me. It’s called
FREEDOM! express oneself, yo’ not that used to but it’s still here
you Hear?

Dodgy Cunt You Dodgy Cunt
Dodgy Cunt You Dodgy Cunt


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