Thirteenth day has passed, but I’m still in the dark.

Droops of my eye socket, Cash in my wallet, droplets/

By droplets of Machiatto in the bin, on the desk,

Mechanic Texts every 7:30 pm said,

I am gone, I’ll be back, 5 minutes Cab,  plate number/

576 6678 802 0808 92 95 00, On the cab. Back and/

next day,

How are you? Still busy, still not yet, still going, and back/

To the same o’ mechanic text expected, the same time, same text,

same said, same phone-in number, and a string of seemingly random plate numbers,

from the/

Same numerical string. Same o’ strain on my left leg up to my thigh.

Sometimes, on the right side.

Are sign of

I am still working.


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