Ruby Sparks – A fairy tale for….

whoever is interested in the movie.

whoever aspires to be a writer.

Ruby Sparks was a movie premiered by Fox Searchlight. Like other movies which were premiered by the company, it was one of the kind I term “pseudo-cult". A big studio like Fox wanted to branch out its products to pitch young theatregoers, or hoary (new word I just learned) “itune tuners" like me, who want something less mainstream while shy of the fringe. In short, Ruby Sparks intended to give an impression of cultness but turned out fitting just a centimetre out of Bull Eye.

The protagonist, Calvin, was just a fairy tale fiction writer many aspiring fiction writers can but dream of right now. Genius. Dropped out college. Reached the zenith of Best Seller at 19 with a debut novel. Earned enough with copyright and royalty to have a big house (incandescent white inside out and outside in, two floors, big kitchen, a pool, every appliance modern and new, two cars with one of them being BMW hoodless) and do nothing except big interviews and gym with brother for 4 years.

Yeah…….I want to be that guy. I can die for being one.

Recently, I read an article commenting about a tweet from Outlander Author Diana Gabaldon to her fan who also aspired to be a writer. She told her coldly but courteously, this:

Stop dreaming. You’ll starve to die just writing. Go get a fucking job at wherever, whatever. Even a Janitor is better than a full-time writer.

Recently, I chatted with a mommy who read Harry Potter to her daughter age of 7, turning out making herself and her daughter big fan of Harry Potter, and as expected, JK Rowling (she read even the 8th instalment  which was literally not JK Rowling’s). Nice work mommy. I read Lucky Star by Mic Mopurgo to my son at the same age, and was told by my son to drop the whole reading project at just Chapter 7………fuck that. Anyway. Out of topic.

That mommy told me she was so inspired by Ms. R’s story of writing a great series at the midst of her peril of being a poor o single-mommy at unemployment benefit (now totally cut by Tories, nice work Chap). It was also a fairy tale. And I broke the spell in the chat right away, telling her how rich she actually was, her prestigious family background, education all the way to her prestigious media guru ex-husband, being dumped on alimony and sister’s benefit. Fact check by my suspicious wife told me I was exactly right except she didn’t study in Oxbridge (oh… She got rejected by Oxbridge, TG).

So, another fact check for aspiring writers inspired by fairy tale. To write a book. Either you have been very rich, or get a fucking job to earn a body and a stable mind (with unsettling mental) to write a great story.

Back to Ruby Sparks. A 低B fairy tale in props, in characters other than the two protagonists, in cinematography, in props, in lighting, from start to end. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like the movie. It’s OK. It’s fascinating that Zoe Kazan, or Ruby, did succeed in present good o’ axiom of love relationship from the perspective of female.


Even deep inside a man’s sub-conscience comes nothing but devilish against the one he loves, or used to love.

Great. A horror in a fairy tale. You did it so well Zoe! At least better than readaptation of Beauty and the Beast, which turned out not so beastly, not so horror, and not so beauty after all.

But at last Zoe let the protagonist kick start the relationship with her once again, in spite of all the horror before, helped stamp a 低B fairy tale chop on the movie.  Or…


She deliberately plotted so, to tell us, love relationship is sweet even though it always ends with horror ever after, to make the cultest point of the whole production.

I don’t know.

Rating: 69 out of 100. Could be 60 if the two protagonists were not that lovely.



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