Links: The politics of resistance, cars, Peter Watts on Westworld, reading, traffic patterns, and more

The Story's Story

* “We’re about to see states’ rights used defensively against Trump," a frequently misunderstood point.

* “Investors Get Ready for the Coming Electric Car Revolution."

green_machine-0460* “Russia and the Threat to Liberal Democracy: How Vladimir Putin is making the world safe for autocracy." File under, “Headlines I never thought I’d see."

* Peter Watts on Westworld. Here is me on Watts’ Blindsight.

* GM begins delivering the first Chevy Bolts. Good news and an important milestone.

* The Iago problem.

* Doug Lemov on reading, a podcast.

* “Why Obamacare enrollees voted for Trump," a weird and fascinating piece of journalism as well as further confirmation of The Myth of the Rational Voter.

* “Why So Few Resisted Hitler," which has striking applications today.

* Fear is a totally rational reaction to the Donald…

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