Links: Russia, nuclear fusion, phage therapy, diamonds, and more!

The Story's Story

* “The dying Russians," from 2014, a tremendously sad piece. Yet it also has important geopolitical implications for the U.S.: Russia is a shrinking country almost entirely dependent on oil. As time goes on, the U.S.’s position gets better and Russia’s gets worse.

* The Input Club: Meet The Guys Looking To Disrupt The Keyboard Industry. See previous keyboard reviews.

the pen is mightier?

* After 60 years, is nuclear fusion finally poised to deliver?

* “Making sense of modern pornography," from the New Yorker and likely SFW.

* “Will Viruses Save Us From Superbugs? When antibiotics failed a severely ill patient, it was a pond virus that saved him." Beautiful, inspiring, hopeful.

* “An Unsung Hero of the Nuclear Age: Maj. Harold Hering and the forbidden question that cost him his career." Brilliant, scary, important, and tied to “Trump fears and the nuclear…

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