Instant Monochrome

Phil Kneen Photography

img085I ordered four boxes of the new Fuji Instax Mini Monochrome from Amazon, but for some reason, they only sent me one? I loaded the cassette into my Neo Classic, and me being me, burnt the entire ten sheets within half an hour – so, I hope Amazon have more of this instant film on the way because I like it. A lot.
I’ve looked forward to the release of this film, the only other black and white instant film I’ve used, Impossible Project’s reincarnation of Polaroid, but I wasn’t too keen on that due to its chronic instability and unpredictability. Instax Monochrome behaves pretty much how I’d imagined it would – despite its various modes the Neo is, basically, wholly automatic – the only real control is the ability to override the flash and increase/decrease the exposure (with the lighten/darken mode)
All the images here we produced about an…

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