So many “nyms" for the same thing

Stock-taking my followers here, I find that those who can’t read Chinese (I guess, never sure) are heaping. It’s a push for me to write more English, although I write Chinese much better (I guess, never sure).

This morning I watched this video from Guardian…

Yeah…Martin Sheen ….er….sorry Michael Sheen (I love both actors, and always confuse myself, and likewise others, which by which, who by who) was having an interview with Owen Jones, about regional less posh actors; about the lack of opportunities for those with humbler background; about de-industrialisation; about Donald Trump).

Honestly what caught my interest is not the content. I want to get myself more apolitical, even “anews", as I read one article saying the more you catch up with news, the higher the probability does one get psychological problems, like Anxiety, Depression. I am guessing it also applies to psychosis, compulsive disorder, amnesia, Alzheimer’s as well. I am no expert at all.

What caught me up was his description of UKIP – a bunch of numpties. and I don’t know what he meant by that. British seems like to create new words everyday. It’s so hard to catch up with. I don’t even know if I spell it right. But English teachers taught me, never mind one or two words I don’t know the meanings. Just read the context and guess it. More often than not, your guess/intuition is right. So I guess….it means…..rubbish.

I really don’t understand why there are so many acronyms for just one concept – rubbish. Numpties, trash, shit, crap, scrap, shyk (learn from “the Thick of it", not sure if I spell it right either), Twat, …. for just one concept – something you better dump it than keep it.

Maybe it’s for equipping you better for playing “Just a minute"… Golden rule – no repetition. Such rule ruins all the things about writing good English we ve been taught all those years! Listening to “Just a minute", you know that those phrases which we used to praise as prose superlative, coast to coast, strength to strength, like to like, far far away, day after day, all for one and one for all, etc. etc. so far so long so forth. They are all bad phrases when you play this game.   Instead, to crack the game, we have to learn as many “nyms" as we could (in “Just a minute", common words like is am are as usually don’t count as repetition) to describe the same shit/stuff/staff. So humpty dumpty we’ve got the numpties, who’s the humphreys. A voina pryshna (this is Russian. ignore it)

I hope you guys have been amused by the above numpties. I find it quite funny. If you don’t feel the same, get back on your duty.




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