Let’s check out some entertainments

First of all, please forgive my english would not be very good, especially when I would have to use it to describe something I don’t have enough knowledge of – drama.

Yeah….another drama. Jeeves n Wooster. Last night in Wan Chai APA.

Like the last one I watched about 3 quarters of a year ago, Charlotte Bronte, Jeeves n Wooster is too sketchy and too skeleton, a word I will explain. Like Charlotte Bronte, Jeeves n Wooster had too few actors in the set. So the actors had to cross-act several characters at different Acts. In Charlotte Bronte, there were 5, if the Diva carefree was included. In Jeeves n Wooster, there were only, 3, all male. And Mr. Wooster was not cross acting. It means the other two had to keep cross act different characters at different Acts (there were 2), sometimes different time at the same Act, sometimes even same time same scene same Act. In this sense, Jeeves n Wooster was more skeleton.

In retrospect, it’s what made it quite funny, hilariously funny. The first scene in Act One Mr. Wooster already hinted that there would be a lot of actor playing different roles at the same time, keeping come and go, alternating the roles, doing the mono-dialogue, throughout the story.  And there were one and two funny moments when the actors just stopped, showing auditorium their embarrassment of realising all the three actors have been ‘occupied’, not available to call out the character they knew they supposed had to come out, and showing their desperateness of having to improvise a way out.

They were quite funny. Those were the moments I truly laughed. As my English wasn’t good enough to get every funny word audience were laughing at. Translation couldn’t help much, as the translation machine was vertical one. So even I wanted to resort to translation machine to help my mood, I couldn’t do it with acceptable level of success.

Like Charlotte Bronte, I couldn’t enthused the show, though I know the actors were doing great. Objective fact. And from the conversation I casually eavesdropped the audience (most of them English), I could sense that they didn’t enjoy it much as well. Maybe to them it was just not funny enough.  And from my experience that I could choose the seat I wanted, I sensed that the show was not well received in Hong Kong.  So, like Charlotte Bronte, Jeeves n Wooster was not a great show. A bit fringe from its setting. A bit skeleton from its props and scenes. A bit difficult on Jeeves the Governor to show in the plot how supranatural he was supposed to be as a Governor (barely compensated by a lot of cross acting to demonstrate how good he was as an actor).  A bit underwhelming from the audience responses and fullness of the house. A bit disappointed, as I would like to experience what people experience when they watch great hit like Mama Mia!, Ms Saigon, Merchant of Venice, or a big hit last year in Broadway, Hamilton.

Maybe I have to watch one of them next time. But no next time, at least in a medium while, as my wife said, “no more drama OK? as it was too long. I have been waiting for you so long. And you know you are not living in Wanchai, not even near."

Next time maybe, in a long while…….




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