My Problem of Polaroid

My Polaroid CL600 trials consistently rouse complaints of my wife. Either

  • Too dark (Black and White films)
  • Your pictures are too ugly (Colour films), or and most often,
  • There’s no point at all taking Polaroid!!!!

I have been trying to give some absurd explanations, so that I sometimes don’t even believe in, like, “ei….Polaroid is not supposed to film outdoor y’know", or “Polaroid is not supposed to film in dim situation y’know….after all, its flash was not particularly good, made in the 80s y’know."

My wife killer verdict:

“so it’s supposed to be useless, and spending £148 is simply a wastage."

I really need some help, or ….advice, so that I can at least make it better…. I know what it a good B/W picture is like, lighting wise.



5 responses to “My Problem of Polaroid”

  1. Genevieve says :

    BW photos are not simply taken with BW films. you need some ND filters or color filters. Taking BW photos are more difficult to those colored ones. your photos are actually desaturated photos rather than BW ones.

    Do some research, buy a pink or green filter and start trying with a dc, in color mode. then go back photoshop/lightroom to do the desaturate function. and you could compare the difference between the filtered one and unfiltered one for a better understanding.

  2. Genevieve says :

    and for the too dark problem you can learn more through the word “GN’. Different gens of CL600 show a bit diff on the GN parameters, which affects how light/dark the obj to be shown on the photo.

  3. 漫遊者-Lu says :



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