Rage: TVs and Film

Many long nights have I been through. Five, to four, to three, and sometimes fucking two.

So yeah. I have watched some TVs.

Fleabag- is definitely one of the best this year. Honestly, men lie. All men lie. We always say we hate bitches. We always say it’s deeper than hell to have a bitch as your mate (even she is as beautiful as Emma Watson). On the other hand, we love to watch a bitch as a bystander. We bravo Marvel bedeviled bewildered by how well a Diva plays a bitch. In this sense, Olivia Coleman definitely deserves one more BAFTA!  Yeah….the line “she is not an evil stepmother. Just a bit of a cunt" was flinchingly amazing. But the stepmother whom Fleabag described should perform as one to validate this line, or it would be anticlimax. But Olivia did it. Episodes 5 and 6 she just stole the show. What a bitch. What a cunt.


Straight Outta Compton – Confess. I don’t like NWA. I don’t even know who Dr Dre is. watching the movie was the first time ever I know how Dre should be pronounced (“dray").  I remembered when I did review A Bridge of Spy I mentioned this film as a reference. Sorry Gen, in fact I did it again, bragging a bravado about a movie I haven’t even watched. Well…I still haven’t finished it. But A bit disappointment. Straight Outta Compton is totally what I was expecting it. I know why it’s not a prize winner in Oscar.  It’s because of this conformity with everyone’s expectation. It plays how you expect a Black group to be treated, to be described, striving, comin outta nowhere, shooting to stardom, being stop and searched without warrant, their fate, their finale (making a shit brand “BEAT"). But it’s good to watch something about rage when you feel enraged.

For one thing, I don’t know why this song was not even nominated as the Academy Song of the Movie:




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