A Glass of Heart

I don’t know if they can ever read this article, as my twitter account has been deactivated, deliberately.

Anyway, during the Olympics 2016, or several months prior to it technically, there came a hit phrase, or catchphrase, or Hashtag (I don’t really know the exact wording for the most mentioned phrases) in Chinese virtual community – Glassy Heart, 玻璃心. It basically means a group / race of people who are so irritable, or easily infuriated, by others mentioning the silly things some individuals of their group / race  have said, done, experienced, or  comeuppance of some of them.

I don’t know if such incidences were ever identified by historians 100 years ago. But I do think some of my observations are right.

  1. Such a heart is easier identified nowadays because of social network and world wide web. It speeds up the following process: I did something silly > my silly thing is noticed by someone else > that someone else tells others I did something silly > all those someone elses group together for a chitchat about how silly I am, and even create mocking banners / tactics to tell that I am a silly guy > I know that those people are talking about my silliness > I show my irritation and sometimes fierce if the mocking super works > those groups of mockers know that I am irritated by their mocking > A glassy heart identified.  Without social network, the whole process above may take a while; while nowadays, it completes within an hour, if not a minute.
  2. Such a heart was born with every single body, regardless of sexes, races, nationalities, tribes, religions, whatever we have been attempting to differentiate and identify people by homogeneous groups. Because, after all, glassy heart shows the fragility and vulnerability of humanity. That time and again they do something silly, so silly that they themselves can’t even understand why they have done it. That no one likes to be pointed a blame, a middle finger, or index one, and be shamed of the wrong they have done. That everyone yearns for being encouraged, expected, respected, embraced, treated leniently and mercy, pardoned, acknowledged. That deep inside, everyone has shame and conscience when they have done silly or wrong. That most of us fully understand when we have done it, even we claim otherwise.

So I have to confess I have such a heart as well as I have oftentimes done or said silly things, or outright incorrect. Even I like to say sorry, I fully acknowledge my own vulnerability, so do I my red earedness when I am teased, scolded and mocked by someone else.

On the other hand, I don’t know why in the web, people have been nonstop mocking about such vulnerability and fragility; while totally have they ignored the mischief and malevolence of those who took advantage of such fragility first up. And trying to overgeneralise people based on some individuals of the same race having done blah blah blah, and trying to say “you XYZese are all blah blah blah, you see?". Infuriating those group / race of people, and when they do show their totally anticipated irritation, say “see? how glassy heart you XYZese are!!!!". Mocking and shaming the who race out of something most of them haven’t even known, is itself, in my opinion, racist, tribal, and shameful. As shameful as those racists who support Donald Trump. And I am showing you an example of me being tribal as well. As far as I know, not all of DT believers are racist, though most of them are pessimists, just like me.

I don’t think anyone, no matter how bad their behaviour/ saying, deserves being mocked and pointed a blame finger and being blown “You see you XYZese blah blah blah". Neither do I someone should not be angry and showing their rage when they are being taken advantage of like that. Yeah….if you have done so, you are taking advantage of someones’ fragility.  I don’t want to name names. And I have been tired by so many pointing fingers. If anyone did such and still think they are right to do so, have right to do so, you know you are shameful.


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