The most environmentally unfriendly trip

Long time no see you guys bloggers. How are you making yourself, especially summer time has come.

Summer time. A trip time, especially for family man like me, who has two children at kindergarten, and a wife as a teacher, both of who are not supposed to leave school earlier than their institutions’ official holi dates. Though I am not going to be fined by local government if I insist doing so, as I would be in England.

And this time, I am going to…..Bangkok and Hua yin er……….so shit if you know your mates on the line or off are planning a trip to cool places like Reykjavik, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fiji, Mauritius, Iran, Norway, etc. I am not even qualified to say anything or post anything about such a trip on any social media avenue.   In the mall where I live nearby, there is now a promotion show for Olympus cool DSR cameras! Tempting eh? To have a cool device for a cool trip, to shoot some cool things exotic, to post them on twitter, or facebook, or Flickr. Good idea eh? If your trip is for Bangkok and Hua yin, you would do as I do, mumbling to myself, “scrap it mate. It wouldn’t make things any cooler if the trip is for Bangkok and Hua yin"

What do you think of Bangkok and Hua yin as a trip destination? Consumption, eating, in cool hotel with a cool pool. Spa. in a coach. Spicy. cheap shopping. Sun. all the non-cool stuff you can think of.

However, let’s put it in a new perspective, a So’s perspective.

Recently I am impressed by two BBC news.

News 1: Serious waste problem in Machu Picchu in Peru, the top 1 bucket list trip destination, the UNESCO precious heritage, a qualified cool badge if you boast yourself having visited there. Because of pursuit of such a coolness en masse, as everyone is getting more and more willing and able to make a trip as far as Peru, as everyone is having the same shoppping  bucket list in travelling catalogue, as everyone is logging on tripadvisor or trivalgo, a place originally designed for sparse and occasional visits by environmentally conscious travelers like Machu Picchu is now crossing the threshold or capacity of its hospitality. In short, just too many cool guys are visiting the cool place.

News 2: Road of Iceland has to be painted with ultra highlight colours to scare off the birds. Reason. Too many car crash against the birds in Iceland. Reason. Too many cool guys, like those cool guys travelling Machu Picchu, chasing their top 1 bucket list exotic experience to set themselves apart, to experience driving in Iceland. The grey colour of the road and its relative warmth compared to the leeches and mosses on the bank attract the birds to stay there for warming, unaware of those cool guys driving cool hummel to enjoy their coolness.

In front of my computer, reading/watching the news, I suddenly blinked a word to myself and my wife sitting on the bed beside me, “um…it seems like those supposedly environmentally supercharged bucket list trips are ruining the places, turning out to be the most environmentally devastating trips"

Wife: " um um"

I, establishing my point further, “those places are so delicate that they are not supposed to be visited"

Wife: “um um"

I, concluding my verdict, “comparatively, visiting Bangkok and Hua yin is more environmentally friendly, and allowing me to do nothing in the room watching tele."


The most environmentally unfriendly trip 有 “ 2 則迴響 ”

  1. I bought a Sony mirrorless camera – A5100. I though that I will take great photos a lot and share to Twitter / Facebook. After all, I just use my iPhone. It is always with me. it’s more easy to get online. My camera is in the drawer now. 🙂


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