Learning lessons from history in order to better move forward

I love this sentence. It is extracted from an editorial of the People’s Daily for the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution. The editor told peoples, yeah there are a variety of peoples living in China although the Government always teach everybody there is only one Chinese whose surname being the Party. The editor told peoples they should learn from Cultural Revolution in order to move forward.

But what have we learnt? what has the Government learnt? What has the Party learnt?

Just one thing – Ruthlessness is the only way forward. Ruthlessness, according to oxford dictionary, means showing no pity or compassion for others. The absolute blindness to everything we are supposed to be able to see. The absolute deafness to any voice from conscience. The absolute impunity we feel of doing anything that hurts people. So from Cultural Revolution, the Party learnt that they should never learn anything from history in order to move forward. That’s the only thing they ever learn and ever want to learn.

It’s not a surprise if you committed such a massacre in such a massive scale, if you destroyed beyond the limit of destruction, if you did materialise an Armageddon, to the sky rendered dark and light covered even under the Sun, to the Empyrean that you could declare the Sun dark and the darkness bright. If, after you did all these things, you were still here, intact, winning, face and hands covered with blood but without a scar on your body. You were Winner. You were fucking Winner. You were still safe in your throne without anyone ever attempt a coup. The ones you murdered still begged on your feet for your mercy, like Hallelujah Hallelujah you are my Lord from ever to ever, from nether to nether. What else, but ruthlessness, could you learn hereinafter.

So Your Majesty, if you complained “They are rude", I am telling you it’s Your Highness blessings. They at least shew some courtesy because of Your Highness, despite Your Highness. Look at us Hong Kong Your Majesty. The way Hong Kong had been prepared for an official visit (or assessment in his interpretation) of that Polituro member. We didn’t ever complain “they are rude". Because we, Hong Kong as one, were mouth covered shut for these three days he visited. These fucking three days he assessed us. We couldn’t even speak. He didn’t ever speak to us. He didn’t even pluck his ears to listen. He didn’t even condescend. We couldn’t therefore even assess if “they are rude". We were like raped by a man who didn’t even need to hoax and coerce. As our four limps were tightly grasped and held on the table by other four men, with another two hands covering our mouth and eyes, so we didn’t even see who is fucking us, raping us. So we can’t say “They are rude".

Ruthless, the only thing we can say them. Demonstration and protest violently suppressed sound gobsmacked, in a place where demonstration and protest are supposed to be protected and enshrined in law, constitution and International Bills of Human Rights. Demonstration strangulated. I mean it literally, as we were grabbed like playing rugby whenever we tried to lift a placard. To say “They are rude", it would be really hard, even to impossible. As we can’t even speak.

You felt unlucky Your Majesty as their visit caused you a bit inconveniences, a bit hasty. We didn’t say unlucky. Because when unlucky is normal, normalised, we can’t say unlucky. We don’t say unlucky. We say we are shit. We’ve been fucked up. We’ve been damned. We’ve been condemned.  We say. This is life we got to live. What else? What next?




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