Let’s be proud of Chinese English

呢篇是 Let’s talk about Chinese English的延續。

有人講過,英文的語法非常接近中文語法。所以Please sit higher. 或You can sit higher我相信就算外國BABE都會聽得明。所以過關。

舉一反三,好多中文IDIOM ADAGE 都可以用咁樣直譯,外國人都掌握到精粹。

經典例子:王晶又是你啦。阻人扑野燒春袋。If you disturb others fucking, your spring pocket would be barbecued. 所有的英文語法都啱晒。仲多了高階英語用法如IF唔一定要跟THEN。把名詞動詞化。對不起,我冇認認真真學過英文語法。嗰D語法專詞我一個都唔識。I just know they are right. 但我相信外國人都會明。唔好以為他們不𢤦SPRING的含義。OFFSPRING是他們發明的。同PIZZA是我們發明一樣。只不過我們叫燒餅。Dough Fried。

曾經有套電影講移民,個老母(Old Mother)教人冚家鏟是All Family Die。用來自嘲英文唔掂。(係呀。90年代的電影香港人唔係淨係笑大陸人。我地都會自嘲。因為我們當年有胸襟 We self-deprecate because we have air in bossom.

我用那對白可以駡連尼家了 - 走數死全家。You run away your book you all family die

其他的例子-東家唔打打西家 You can’t rob house at the east, you can rob house at the west. 阻人發達尤如殺人父母。You prevent others become rich is like kill their parents. 我唔需要証據。我隻眼就是證據。I dont need evidence. My eyes are evidence. 冥冥中都總注定你富或貧。是錯永不對真永是真。In Universe already determine you are rich or poor, It’s wrong never right. True is always true. 鐵塔凌雲望不見歡欣人面。Effel Tower over the cloud, can’t see jolly human face. 我真是唔信外國人會唔明咯。儘管全是chinese english syndrome.

Because it’s not syndrome. It’s our way of saying things. We should be proud of it, and tell the people overseas we have our way of saying things.


Under the Lion Rock Mountain

Life should have joy, Inevitable it always has tear

We together under the Lion Rock Mountain meet, after all joy is more than regret

Life is not free of ruggedness, It’s hard to be completely without worry

Having aboard the same boat, under the Lion Rock Mountain let’s help one another

Throw the differences we seek co-habitation

Let go each other contraries in the heart. Dream we together chase

Same boat men sworn follow each other.

No fear No panic

Living together in the corner of the sea and the sky. Hand in hand trample the ruggedness

We together with toil and effort write down that

Imortal Smelly river well-known sentence.




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