We should get ahead of Chauvinism Because….

My story started with a casual chattering with my friend this week.

Friend: What’s your opinion of the Equality Commission case?

Me: Which Equality Commission case?

Friend –  Amused by my hollow staring, which meant I was totally ignorant of what’s going on?

Me: Could you tell me what did happen recently? I haven’t caught up with current affairs for long (Long meaning more than 2 years).

Friend began then to explain. It was about a policeman who felt injustice of being charged into a club, while the female counterpart being admitted free of charge. As far as I know, it’s a practice for clubs in LKF, Hong Kong since don’t know when. But it’s still a silver lining to me and Hong Kong to know a policeman did find something unjust in Hong Kong. As I am no club-goer, I don’t feel appropriate to comment on it. I just recalled then a passage written by a netizen recently about something similar. Confess – I haven’t literally known this passage. I only know a passage was written. And that’s it. And I tried to explain to my friend someone was of opinion that if the case were accepted and judged as discrimination, the hitherto female party-goers would not come to the party anymore because of the admission fee. And it would come to pass. Man who would like to meet some girls in the club  would only meet a bunch of blokes instead. Wow…Calamity! Apocalypse! And What is it supposed to do with me!

I told my friend such Blah blah blah. And suddenly, some idea came out of mind! Flash! Bling Bling Bling ! And what’s it. The C word in the caption! Confess No. 2 – I don’t literally know what C word means as I didn’t read any books about it. Common sense of mine is, A group of men who think men are naturally superior to the non-male sex(es) in all respects. Using such definition, C is inter-changeable with another word, Sexism. However, C word is more than sexism. I recalled another essay, history or something, talking about how men in Edwardian and Victorian epochs compare their sexual drive with women. They used an analogy which was so British. Men’s sexual drive is contained by a tea pot, which would be poured into women as a tea cup, void of any sex. Female was thought of sexless, without sexual drive, without consciousness of sexual demand anyhow. They were sexually satisfied just when men “poured" them something from their tea pots. Hahaha.

A little bit more elaboration would show you that the above most brazen interpretation of Chauvinism is the raison de tre of free admission for girls. Think of it. Club owners presume that girls are not as active in sex as men. At least girls don’t think going to club, meeting a cool boy to be sexy enough, seductive enough, bodily grinding enough to poach worth a buck. They treat every man coming to club as the same, even a Daniel Wu and a Lake So standing side by side by a bench in front of a girl, they can’t find one iota of difference. Same level of seduction. So they go into any club who offers the lowest price. At equilibrium, the admission fee comes to zero. Ground zero. huh…. And on the other hand, to men, female’s difference is so discernable, so distinctive, even within an overcrowded underlit club. So men need a club with the largest herd of girls in as window dress of a club, so they can choose whom and where to poach. At equilibrium, men are willing to pay at least 200 to get into a club.

That is the logic. So brazen, so naked an illustration of how female is defined in the mind map of every male in Hong Kong, at least. Sex retarded waiting for the divine power of every man of equal quality (in the eyes of female) to choose and pour our “sex" to give them pleasure, Clothes on grinding touching or naked. WOW….. So it’s a shame that the discrimination has not been filed by a female. It is utmost insult to women as a sex. And we Hong Kong have had to wait for so long until a police comes to seek justice done, to men, from economic consideration.

But the above view about female, even unto pub female, should be challenged not because it is an insult to female. At least not only that. More, I think it should be challenged because such view of women as sexless has long been cast into oblivion in historiography. As my wife’s follow-up question pierced though my reasoning: Do you really think, club goer girls will abandon their night fun if they are charged? No way…Club girls have been so empowered nowadays as to be at the least as lustful as club boys, if not more. Years ago, my brother told me his female friend shared with him how she was so eager to get a hack of a boy and how she finally succeeded to seduce him into fun. Her sharing, according to my brother, is not in any sense different from a man who shares how he so fucking wants to get laid with a girl and how he finally gets a trophy. I do think female in the club shares the same intention as male counterpart. Get a poach. Get a grind. Get something. In this perspective, it’s absolute not just to let girls off her cuff to get something for nothing. The policeman was right! If sexual drive of male is a tea pot with hot thing inside, sexual drive of female nowadays is at least a volcano in Mauna Loa. Seething up the fissures whenever they find ’em. And I don’t think club goer girls dare deny it. If not, what the hack for are they going to club? why don’t they just go to bet shop, full of blokes and average joes inside! Why the club? Why the night? Why the LFK?

Today I have just read a passage from Huff. The most quoted Jane Eyre’s sentence. “Readers, I married him." Put it into today context, according to the writer, it literally means Jane posted on Facebook or Twitter: “Girls, I shag him." So the view of female as sexless was not even right in the Victorian epoch. How can it be right in 2016?


The reason why “Happy Valley" by Sarah Lancashire is rated as feminist because in the story, girls can go with a pal into a pub and then get something in the backlane. Afterwards, another girl asks the “poacher", “You shagged him?" “Yeah" “Taking any pills?" “Nah" “I get you morning pills." Another girl/woman can get a married man into relationship with seduction. When the man wants to stop it, she drugs him, abducts him into a hotel and take him naked pictures and blackmail him into keeping the relationship stayput. Nowadays, we talk about girls as our equal, not only in job and school. But also in sex. In sexual aggression. Female can be lustful and actively seductive to get what she wants. Coz they are physically, mentally and technologically equipped to do so.

So, why shouldn’t they pay. Why we men still cling to the C, which is no more than our utter imagination. Like the female in AV.

Drop the C





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