It is the first time I ever try to make a consistent theme for my photo shooting. The greatest impression Okinawa has made to me was the sky. The sky was blue, clear, pristine, splendid to an extent that I found it mystical. I didn’t find out until the second day noon, when I was in the zoo, tired, sitting on a bench under the shade. I tilted my head upward, through a rack, I saw the blue and a word popped out in my brain, gorgeous.

In Nago beach, the colour of the Pacific is as beautiful as in Maldives. But it was still the sky that attracted most. It’s pure, religiously pure. So I started at that moment to focus on how to create such godly impression to my shooting, and how a worshipper used to worship the sky. So it’s not purely the sky, but the interaction between a Me and the sky, in Okinawa. And via the pictures I want to ask everyone a question, a question I kept asking myself along the trip, how long have I stopped sticking my head up to look at this space, this labyrinthine combination of blue and white. How long have I told that me all the time, don’t look up, just focus on the ground. Yes Hong Kong is occupied by skyscrapers so I may not see a lot of sky in here every now and then if we want to tilt up. If we tilt up here, we may be able to look at something new though, even under the sun. But what have stopped me from doing so?


The last picture I took at Uraso park. Exhausted, sitting on a bench again. Under the shade. A jap girl (4-year-old) came by, giving me that red leave. I didn’t like it, but I felt the duty to take a picture of it to show my appreciation.

I’m not professional I know. But I hope you enjoy them.

All by iPhone 6s


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