Trump Vs CY

Since I found that Donald’s ascendancy  is inevitable, not even before the Super Tuesday, I can’t help linking him with the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, His Excellency. His epic David-Goliath-esque epic from being underdog several years ago, the year and the date I forgot already. Their stories are so different from each other. Their stories are at same time so similar to each other.

If you are Americans, you may respond: “hey! Don’t try to compare my Great Country’s election with your tiny little Oriental city’s. You don’t even have suffrage! How dare you." But in my opinion, election of your president depends very much on one thing – opinion poll. We may time to time experience the election result being totally out of expectation based on opinion polls that send the runner-up would-be into delirium, like what Ed Miliband in Britain used to have in May 2015. But they are rare. Most of the time, the prediction from opinion polls is quite accurate. Especially when the opinion polls tell you that they crystal-ball a landslide to come. Like the prediction of the domination of Scottish National Party and the annihilation of the Scottish Labour. The doom to local of Liberal Democratic Party. So many ambitious politicians, esp. those who look very much like they otherwise would have no charm/chance, try very hard to boost the opinion polls before formal election. Manipulating their lies so as to rig the opinion polls. In short, tricking the population to his favour with claims she/he/it/they going to do whatever want, offer whatever they like, however absurd and ludicrous they may be. If they know people like to see a politician play great Magic, she/he/it/they may even blot out there may be a show of feeding them all with five bread and 2 fish! If she/he/it/they know it’s going to rig the opinion polls. I am not a political scientist. But I know this trick is called populism. And Donald and the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, His Excellency are both very good at it.

Yeah they are different. While Donald tries to rig the opinion poll to his favour by non-stop personal attack against his foes, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, His Excellency pretended he was a humble guy, claiming he was going to bring a padnote, a cheap ball pen, and a stool to whereever the grassroots were willing to talk. Yeah they are different. While Donald tries to break his foes by attacking whoever the people are hating: the black, the hispanics, the asians, the mex, the gay, the HIV, the ones who have periodic blood loss; the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, His Excellency used to say nothing bad against his foes, being gentleman, being the one you nearly felt he was the one who would get the ticket right to the Heaven if someone were shooting him right on head. Yeah they are different. While Donald tries to rig the opinion poll by boasting how rich he is,  the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, His Excellency used to portray how humble his background was, even though he was living in the most expensive house in HK.

They are different in tactics only. They are different because the cultures are different. The people they woo are different. Americans like positive progressives. We Asians prefer passive aggressives. And that’s all to their differences.

No they are the same. While Donald tries to rig the opinion poll by pledging to build a wall against Mex, while US actually need badly the cheap import across the very border;  the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, His Excellency used to pledge to build something just for the local. Local Land for Local Men. And everyone now wake up to face the reality that it’s literally bullshit. a lie. No they are the same. They both rig the poll by fiercely attacking everyone who stands in their way. In this sense, Donald rates even better. At least he doesn’t resort to gangsters and triads for help. At least he doesn’t resort to sex scandal of his foes. At least not yet. And we wait and see. No they are the same. Both men are the men I know for sure will only show what they really are after they trick you to the real poll. The election. No they are the same. They rig the opinion poll very well that one day we may cry how impossible the poll rate used to be judging the fucking ones who rule us. ( the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, His Excellency used to peak his poll rate at 70%!)

I am quite sure Donald Trump will be the one to steal the place in the White House. And this time I wish like hell I am going to be proven wrong. Good luck America. Good luck HK.




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