Riots have reasons

All I can say is a piece of well written, well presented, but deep to the ground and biased analysis.

tim's experiment

Throwing bricks at people is dangerous, illegal and wrong. This is a proper first reaction to the Fishball Riot. The scenes on television were disturbing and distressing. Strong feelings are understandable.
In due course, however, we need to move on from strong feelings to rational consideration of why these terrible things happen. A lot of people seem to be in no hurry to get on to this. There has been much creative use of language to describe the rioters: animals, louts, savages, barbarians, “lumpenproletariat” in an up-market variation supplied to readers of the Business Post, “separatists” for fellow-travellers, and in what the SCM Post hilariously described as a “searing indictment”, terrorists — according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
Looking for causes is not the same thing as exonerating the rioters. But if we want to avoid recurrence of such things in future we need to do better than the George…

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