Let’s Talk about This Weekend

Two podcasts: all with which I found strong relationship.

This first one, A Guardian Book interview with a English poet (Sarah Howe) who won TS Elliot Prize this year with her debut poetry collection: Loop of Jade. I don’t want to get you wrong further. I don’t find myself related to her as a poet, as I have never been, nor will I be in future. Rather, it’s because she was born in Hong Kong in 1983 (the same year my younger brother was born), to British father and Chinese mother, who came across Chinese border as a refugee from Communist China’s purge. During the interview, she performed one of her poems in the collection about her experience visiting Canton / Guangdong, about her early life living in Hong Kong, listening to chatting next door, playing mahjong next door. Some basic Cantonese came out in her recital (哎呀!  壹貮叁肆。。。。).

Objectively, her experience is strange to me, as a Native speaking Cantonese, born about the same year to a local father and a local mother (my father is even Aborigine). Grown up speaking Cantonese like it’s under my skin. Local schools, local unis, local jobs. I can never share the strange feeling from recollecting Cantonese and people playing mahjong (I even sometimes play it too) as Sarah did. She is just like one of my mates in Uni New South Wales who told me he used to grow up in Hong Kong, playing Rugby Seven, studying in Southern, recollecting the funny feeling of eating 生菜包,visiting 深水埗, while I am anxious than hell to tell him I have no feeling doing those things at all, as they are what I do like every day.

But still, her recital of 1980s Canton and Hong Kong created a lot of vivid pictures about this place in my mind. I really want to tell Sarah. We don’t share a lot of things but one – the weird and mystic feeling Hong Kong and Canton gave us, like I am familiar with them, but finding myself totally stranger just second thought. Such feeling doesn’t subside because I live here every day.



The second one: a drama about a girl, Jenny, who wanted to be famous in Social Media (Twitter!) and how she got herself addicted to it step by step, hollowing all she owned out of her (love, family, her job, her ego). I have to admit I used to be addicted to Social Media. Never have I become famous though, not even one second. But, just share with you twitter guys. You may find yourself related to Jenny one way or another. Try listen to it if you have time, and will. And, guys, your life is always out there out of your screen, not in it.



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  1. Just wanted to say hi because I received an honourable mention 😉



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