The Jungle

it’s about Calais

Phil Kneen Photography

IMG_0386Wednesday 4th November. The Jungle, Calais, France – I’ve been working in this somewhat unimaginatively named refugee camp for two days now. All the images here have been shot on my iPhone. I’m shooting the project on film, mostly medium format, and a Fuji Instax instant camera (this camera has acted as an excellent ‘ice-breaker’)

I really don’t know where to begin describing the situation in The Jungle, to be honest… it’s not what I expected – I’d visualised hundreds of makeshift shelters, dotted randomly around the fields and sand dunes, but it’s not like that. Entering the camp reminded me of a music festival – rows of overflowing toilets, mud, piles of rubbish and people wandering, aimlessly. But there is order.

The Jungle is situated just off the main motorway into Calais and covers an area of land about 3km square. The camp is divided into several distinct ‘districts’…

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