Concert: Sam Ondieki, Nov. 6 2015 @ Pawa254

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Sam Ondieki

On Friday the 6th of November 2015 Pawa254 invites you an evening of live East African authentic music on our rooftop from 6-11pm.

For this edition of #PAWARooftopSundowner Sam Ondieki will take the stage for a memorable musical sundowner.

Entrance: 500 Ksh Advance/800 Ksh at the door

For tickets kindly Mpesa paybill no 800992 account (insert your name)


Samondieki is a song writer, published author,singer and guitarist. He is founder and band leader of ten year old dynamic Bakawola Band. He is also a television actor having stared in a recent MTV movie “one man guitar’.

He has two recorded albums namely MONTO MONENE and HIS EXCELLENCY. Amongst peers he is considered Kenya’s best kept secret and those who know his music know it very passionately.

He considers himself ‘the peoples teacher’ for spearheading what he calls “the guitar revolution" that has witnessed floods of young stars…

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