Exhibition by Nine Eminent Chinese Artists, Oct. 26 – Nov. 27 2015 @ National Museum

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Exhibition by Nine Eminent Chinese Artists

Opening: October 26, 2015
Time: 4.30 pm

Dates: October 27 – November 27, 2015
Venue: National Museum
Entry: Normal Museum Rates Apply

The twentieth century has gone through many hardships and witnessed great changes in China. It is an epoch of heroes. Their emergence has added colour to the unfolding history of China.

This exhibition featuring members of the Chinese cultural elite in the 20th century will focus on the life and great deeds of nine outstanding representatives, who have exerted important influence on Chinese culture.

These nine famous persons are: Madam Song Qingling (AKA Soong Ching Ling), who once served as Honorary President of the People’s Republic of China, acclaimed as a great lady as well as our national treasure; Cai Yuanpei, China’s modern democratic revolutionist and a distinguished intellectual; Li Dazhao, one of the founders of Chinese Communist Party and the…

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